Vino per Mamma

I am definitely NOT anything remotely close to a wine connoisseur. I don't have a refined palette or whatever it's called. I know when I take a sniff, it either smells good or it doesn't. I know when I take a sip, it either tastes good or it doesn't. I keep a list on the side of the fridge of the wines I have tried and liked. I've decided to share that list here. I tend to prefer Merlot and Moscato, but have been known to enjoy others as well. Leave your suggestions to try and feel free to let me know what you think of my list.

My favorite of them all is listed first! 

Vino Rosso

Vino Bianco

There are very few white wines I like.
Those I do are sweet, but NOT syrupy so.
In general, though I like dry reds, dry whites really annoy me.
I hate the cotton mouth I get while drinking them.
I just cannot find one I would drink over and over.
There are many Moscato varieties out there.
I have tried several, especially those listed below.
Moscato I tend to drink in the summer.
It is a nice crisp fresh wine after a hot day.

Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Moscato
Sutter Home Moscato
Gallo Family Moscato

Vino Miscellaneo

I have tried the original and raspberry.
Both are very good.
You will probably like them if you like Bailey's Irish Cream.
I look forward to trying the Espresso flavor when I find it in stores.

 Taylor Port
Port is definitely an acquired taste.
The best way I can describe it is to say that is is like hard liquor wine.
You definitely have to sip it or you will be shit-faced in short order!