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This page will be a work in progress, as I will be listing books as I remember those I cannot think of now and those that have yet to be read... If you think you know of a book I might like to read, PLEASE feel free to let me know. Do you think I need to add author page links or bookseller links to this? If so SPEAK UP!

Rebecca Wells' Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and all the companion books. Totally awesome and I love the writing style. I am constantly laughing and reading funny bits to the Hubster.

Debbie Macomber It is a secret obsession, but I LOVE her books. Not so much her really old stuff that is a  bit too mushy for me. Her newer stuff and some of the rewrites of older books are pretty good. Sometimes a girl just needs to read mushy love stuff. The Cedar Cove series is quite good and I think they could really make a good ABC family drama out of that series... 

Susan Wiggs spins wonderful feel good stories.

Patricia Cornwell! Love all her stuff! Always on the edge of my seat reading!

Kathy Reichs is amazing... I just wish her TV show Bones was a bit more like the books... That said, I do love the TV show!

Stephen King His old stuff was great. However, after I got to "IT" I could read no more, so I have no input about anything after that. I attempted to read Danse Macabre and Dolores Claiborne, but that just wasn't happening.

Team of Rivals. You should already know how much I loved it! What an amazing story. I really do recommend it if you have ANY interest in history or even just want to learn how to be a better person. I myself have learned a lot about people and how to handle behaviors by the example of Abraham Lincoln. Putting those ideas into practice may prove to be more difficult than understanding them, but it is SO worth the attempt. As I read, it became apparent that the person our country needs the most right now is the one who can emulate Lincoln. The important thing that people of his time learned about him was that he knew what he wanted to do and accomplish, but he also knew that circumstances dictated to him when and if the time was right for the country to be led towards the things he believed in. It seems to me that the political world -- all parties included -- is guilty of nothing less than mass public bullying in an attempt to get what they want. They do not truly care what the people of the US actually want, and refuse to take the time to consider the whole picture. The fact that the political mind set is to yell and scream is highly insulting when they also preach about what is right/wrong for our children -- think "family values". I am beginning to think that entering politics is an automatic pass to becoming an adult preschooler!

Sue Grafton What will we do when she reaches the end of the ALPHABET??? I hope she finds a way to keep Kinsey Millhone going. She is such a fascinating character and she continues to develop with each book.

Sue Monk Kidd

Diane Mott Davidson I love her stories, but I really like the recipes in the books too! I want to make them all, cuz they all sound AMAZING! Even the ones with food I wouldn't touch with a 10' pole! LOL!

Iris Johansen Her Eve Duncan series is fantastic!

Martha Grimes is a wonderful author. I love ALL her stuff. I love the British and this author touches my inner Anglophile!

Elizabeth George She too sates my inner Anglophile! The Detective Lynley series is an amazing and deep exploration into her characters as well as great suspense.

Lorna Landvik This woman knows how to write some amazing chick lit. I really feel her stories. They have a way of reaching inside and getting you right in the heart and soul.

Kris Radish -- ditto above!

Jan Karon This woman writes a really lovely series about people, but especially about a minister who finds love late in life. Go figure why this is such a great series to me, especially given my religious views, but there is so much more to this group of stories than the religious aspect.

Kate Jacobs

JOHN SANFORD I sooo love this man's work. What a great writer. Great enough that the Hubster even read them all! He hasn't read much in 20 years and this guy hooked him!

Dan Brown Conspiracy writer? Truth in fiction story teller? Who gives a crap? The guy writes damned good stuff and it doesn't mean it is true. HELLO, the book says FICTION right there on the spine! Whether the author believes in it for real or not just isn't relevant, because EVERYONE has their own beliefs, which beliefs they expect others to respect and yet they often do not afford the same courtesy to others!

Eat Pray Love What a great book. If only we all had a chance to go out and truly "find" ourselves in as meaningful a way.

The Bitch in the House 26 women tell it like it is -- for them. Most of these stories I could relate to and some I imagine I will eventually. To be reached in this way is quite a different reading experience, but oh so worth it!

The Jesus Family Tomb is a fascinating read and I believe what they have to say is probably about as close to the truth as we'll ever get -- without the benefit of time travel, which I do not think we will ever have...

Joanne Fluke Ditto what I say about Diane Mott Davidson above!!!

Steig Larsson What a fantastic writer he was! What a shame that he did not live  to see his books be successful. 

Laura Hillenbrand Loved Seabiscuit!

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