Thursday, March 7, 2013

Microsoft Windows is CRAP!

If I had the money to do it, I might just ditch all my windows computers for Macs. Alas, I hate Apple on principle. Even if I didn't, I cannot afford their ridiculously overpriced products. Meanwhile, Microsoft continues to make me, and countless others, extremely frustrated by the fact that they always seem to have monstrous problems.

Between my Dad and a very good childhood friend, I am blessed with slightly better than basic computer maintenance skills and a few troubleshooting ones to boot. The first PC we had was built by a neighbor friend and limped through a couple miserable years. Dad hooked us up with a good laptop and it just about lasted 4 years before dying in spectacular Microsoft Windows fashion. For a while now I have built the systems myself with trusted advice from people in the know. So far I have done quite well over the past 15 years. The first PC I built lasted 7+ years, but despite my best efforts it died a similarly spectacular Microsoft death! Our second PC and the 1st laptop I built are now well along into their 4th years. I take good care of my computers, perform proper regular maintenance and add only necessary programs.

In spite of all that, my two well loved babies have begun to show the signs of imminent death -- seems as if they are in competition to see which one will fail me first.  Apparently, no matter how well you manage a Windows based computer, they are nothing less than beastly ungrateful machines. What pisses me off the most is that Microsoft is well and truly responsible for generating all these problems, yet they offer few solutions that the average person can manage. The ability to do a proper job of it is a fairly specialized market, which for business computing is fine AND as it should be given that businesses are generally more complicated or specialized. Where home computing is concerned, the costs of diagnosis and repair are out of control and Microsoft offers little free support. Considering the problems are theirs, whether by accident or by design, it is a hideous thing that they are so inconsiderate to their customers. Making us all pay continually for their appallingly poorer and poorer products is a travesty and unaccountably bad business practice.

Here and now on my piddly little blog is me calling BULLSHIT out on the supremely greedy Microsoft. They create the problems and have really made no great strides to improve matters. It is the same shit with every computer and apparently it makes no difference if you do the right things or not. If it only happened once in a while it would be one thing, BUT it is the same with them all. After a while they begin to crap out, the damages are always the same and the fixes never bring long term repair.

We have no good alternatives to Microsoft. Apple is too expensive for far too many people. What these companies need is a swift kick in the pants and some competition.

Bill Gates should be ashamed. In fact, on that score even Steve Jobs should have been. Greed got in their blood and we all get to pay the price for it.

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