Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Streaming TV -- my new love

We had no cable in my home growing up, so I never had a hankering to pay for TV. When I moved in with Hubster, there was no way to get TV without it in the semi-rural area where he lived, so we had the absolute minimum plan available simply to get our local news. It cost about $6 and eventually rose as high as $12 per month. When we bought our 1st house, we had the same cable plan, because we moved to an even more rural area. Eventually, the Cable service got sporadic and the provider became so ineffective and difficult to deal with, we had to switch to DTV. That was a wake-up call! There were many neat channels on their minimum plan BUT it came with a much bigger price tag AND we had to pay $5 extra - per TV - just to get the local channels in order to know what the heck was happening in our area. The price kept rising over and over to the point that we were paying close to $100 per month and we had just 2 TV's hooked up. The TV was on pretty much all day and all night. It had to be, we were PAYING for it and felt obligated to use it.

We moved from Mid-Atlantic to Mid-West and decided to make a clean break from pay TV. We are close enough to the city to get the vast majority of local channels for free with basic antennas. It has been 6.5 years and we have no remorse for the choice we made. We have enjoyed the freedom to turn off the TV and not feel guilty for not watching that which we paid so much money for. It is quite liberating.

You could say that we choose to be on the slow side about getting into the swing of things when it comes to technology. We fought against getting a computer years ago and managed to make it just shy of Y2K without one. We had a VCR for years, but it wasn't until the early 2000's that we took the plunge and got a DVD player. For Christmas last month we dove in and got ourselves a Blu-ray player -- 3-D no less!

This little contraption was just under $100 and has the ability to do some fairly amazing things... to us in any case. We have used Amazon for many years now, and last year when Kindles came to live at our house we invested in Amazon Prime. That opened up a lot of stuff, but I generally ignored the video streaming, because the screens on Kindle and computers are too small to enjoy -- in my opinion -- my Kindle-ing kids have no such problems. So now that we have a Blu-ray player that streams Instant Video goodies to the TV, I am all about checking it out. So many programs that I had no access to before or  missed because I was already interested in something else that conflicted with them are now available. It doesn't get much cooler than that! 

We got the Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi. If you have been putting it off like we did, go check it out. You wont regret it!


  1. I detest paying for tv, regardless, especially when all channels force to watch their adverts

  2. YES! I feel that way too! Another example of that silliness is internet, AOL for instance. When you PAY for the membership, you get NO FEWER adverts than those who get the free version. What a crock! I get the need for ads, but I wish there was a little more content control and fewer of them.