Thursday, September 6, 2012

? 50 Shades of GREEN ?

Well, I finished book 3 and it was about the same as the first two... Lots of sex and 2 people who really need to learn how to communicate with each other trying to navigate those choppy waters, especially since Christian and Anastasia got married. C.G. was his usual controlling self taking precautions against the crazy people who want to bring harm to the Grey clan. A.G. was her usual self trying to be both who she is and what he needs her to be.

I was bummed that I couldn't find a good quote for this post's title,  but I decided on GREEN for a pretty good reason. It would seem from book 2 that a former sexual subordinate partner went bat-shit crazy and was jealous of the latest girl in Christian's life, especially since she very clearly is NOT a subordinate. Then there was Anastasia's boss that tried to get her to perform sexual favors in return for giving her the job. Well, C.G. had his ass bodily removed and not very nicely if you know what I mean. Turns out he was jealous of Christian for his money and position. Sooo there was plenty of green envy and big green money going around in this book. Lawdy, but these jealous folk must have been apoplectic by the (unsurprisingly to me) very happy ending!

The story read and felt the same in as much as the author was consistent across the series in her style and characterizations. This book brought more information about less prominent characters and answered the lingering questions. You know, all was tied up in a nice neat package with a bow and everything! The bonus at the end is a very short but very informative bit from the perspective of Christian Grey, which was nice as the entire series was written as Anastasia telling the stories.

Tell me... What did you like and/or dislike about it if you read it?

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