Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics... or PROlympics?

So the Olympics are on and for some reason, I just don't give a shit this year. My lack of interest has been building up the past few Olympics. There is no one specific reason that I can pin-point, but if I had to guess I would say it is no longer really meaningful.

Maybe I am the minority, but it has galled me since they began to allow the sponsorships to be so blatant. These people seem more professional than they ought to for the Olympics. I almost feel they should have an age cap or something. Obviously it would have to be based on each sport as some cannot be as young or old as others.

There are surely those who will say I am crazy or will disagree, and that's OK with me. I will read one of my many free Kindle books and be happy rather than annoyed with the sad state of affairs I believe the Olympics have become.

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