Monday, June 11, 2012

Late Night Phone Calls AND Insensitive Family

I don't know about you, but in my book, if the phone rings after 11pm. It'd better be for a damned good reason. Last night Hubster's cell phone began shrieking in it's obnoxious way at midnight. 9 times in 10 it is a wrong number, because he rarely if ever uses it for more than letting me know he is safe when riding his motorcycle. As he had gone to bed, I almost shut it off and continued on my way to bed. Instead, I answered and got hung up on. That to me is most obnoxious. I mean, if you made or think you made a dialing mistake, a simple "sorry wrong number" would suffice. I might be aggravated at the lateness of the hour, but if it was in error, it is at least excusable by use of manners. I no sooner put the phone back in its home when it began shrieking again. According to the display, it was the same number. I very nearly didn't answer it, because my dander was already up, but instead I chose to answer simply because that thing could wake the dead and all our kids were in bed.

Those of you who know my voice might say it is deep, possibly due to smoking for a number of years. That said, my voice DOES NOT sound like a man, nor does it sound anything like Hubster's. SO, when I answer the phone and the person on the other end says M? like I am Hubster and they can't tell the difference, I find that strange. What is more strange is that this person on the other end is Hubster's Brother T, and I think he ought to know what M sounds like, right? Instead, this happens EVERY time Brother T calls. Naturally I said, NO this is ME, it is midnight here (1 am there), M is asleep. I am then told to wake him up please. Now at this point Brother T has double plucked my aggravation nerve, but I go and wake up Hubster.

The call was to tell M that the family had been called down to the facility where their aged father has been slowly slipping closer to death. Apparently they were told he could go anytime. Now, this is heartbreaking, and we are both deeply saddened by this news. However -- I really must ask, given we are more than 25 hours away by car, did Brother T really need to call here at midnight?

What exactly was the purpose of this call other than to cause unnecessary upset? Hubster's siblings and parents routinely forget to consider him with regard to just about anything of import on a regular basis and have done this for most of his life. (YES! That's way longer than he has known me, and NO it does not take the sting out!) They do stupid things like send him a text message to tell him his Mom had a mini stroke. Seriously... WHO DOES THAT, that was just plain heartless? If he had ever been that callous to them about anything they all would have had a fit!

BTW, no additional news over night, so again what was the point? Realistically, even had his father passed away, there was still no need to call at that time of night. The facts were not going to change...

If his family was treated the way they treat M, and ME for that matter, they would put on quite the performance of "woe is me" for any and all who might possibly bear witness. Even reactions to their  mistreatment of us are met with some form of them trying to make their feelings more important than anyone else's and manipulating those not involved into thinking they are the innocent and damaged party rather than the aggressors causing damage. As they are all older than he is, one would think childish games of manipulation would have fallen by the wayside, especially since they never gain the reaction they seem to desperately want from M.

Sometimes, I have to wonder how Hubster turned out so well. He is nothing like the rest of them!

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  1. Family! As they say "you can pick your friends but you're stuck with your relatives".