Friday, May 25, 2012

What are you doing about finding a job today?

That is the question I asked KC today.
The answer...?

Can you say

So, KC came home from school on Wednesday the 16th. She spent a few hours on Monday the 21st "job hunting" out of the house. Reportedly she has a babysitting job lined up occasionally throughout the summer. Whoopdeedoo. If it pays enough to keep gas in the vehicle, it'll be a miracle. There is also an upcoming interview at a local rec center. GREAT. Interview does not equate to HIRED.

In the meantime, no following up of the other job applications she supposedly filled out and turned in. BRILLIANT PLAN... Cuz that gets your name and face noticed, shows you are eager and makes the powers that be see YOU repeatedly until just maybe you get hired for being persistent and following through. UHM, NOT!

Oh and the grades (3 B's and an A) are in for the semester and once again the 3.1 GPA requirement -- YES, once again -- is not met for the car insurance discount... SO guess what, no school in the fall. We cannot afford it and she was told the consequences of not getting her nose to the grinding stone and pulling her grades back up enough to get the discount reinstated AND prove to her parents that she gives enough of a shit to do the things that are required of her like have a job and get any discounts possible for having good grades. Let's not forget that trust is NOT running thick around here where she is concerned, so obviously this was wise planning on her part.

Is that not enough excitement for you? How about some more... She came home with yet another piercing even though she has been REPEATEDLY told that while she lives under our roof and we pay 100% of her medical and other expenses -- because she has NO JOB -- piercing is FORBIDDEN. You want to destroy your body? Do it on your own fucking nickel with your own fucking insurance -- AFTER you pay us back for all the money you owe us! HELLO? She has already had ENOUGH big health issues over the years. WE don't CARE if all your friends and your, only one year older than you, aunt all have a belly piercing. We DON'T CARE if your boyfriend wants you to have one -- he is irrelevant in the grand scheme. This is about KC doing the right thing not KC trying to be one with the rest of the damn population! We might have made some concessions IF the trust was there and she had earned anything along the way, but no... instead she continues to do all the wrong things just to thumb her nose at us.

We are SO done.! We are in debt up to the sky for her and she continues to fuck us over.

Message from us to KC:  You wanna keep biting the hand that feeds you? Fine, GET THE FUCK OUT. We don't need this shit from you. Your time for acting like a spoiled little brat has long since PASSED. GROW UP! IS THAT CRYSTAL ENOUGH FOR YOU?