Friday, April 6, 2012

The "SCARY" Revolution

Sometimes at
just the right moment in time
just the right person will strike
just the right nerve with
just enough people to start something
just a little bigger than they had intended.

It would seem that is what happened to Blogger cum Author Jill Smokler, adoringly known (to most) as SCARY MOMMY. Her blog took off in a way she never imagined. So much so that the wise ones over at Gallery Books have now provided us with her hilarity and honesty in book form. And what fun it was to read!

Confessions of a Scary Mommy was released Tuesday and my advance purchased kindle copy appeared quietly without fanfare. From the outset I had repeated giggle fits. Mostly because nearly everything she said I could relate to my own experiences. Sometimes in an eerily similar fashion. What struck me most was that things I had not thought of as funny when they happened to me now have a humorous quality that makes some obnoxious mothering memories far more tolerable in the memory banks (What is left of the memory anyway... HAHA!)

I would totally recommend this book to any mom, new or seasoned. Either you will learn ways to toughen up your maternal skin or you will nod your head with the memories it brings back to you. Hubster and I enjoy the Confessional immensely and I have definitely put one or two in there. The confessional provided plenty of comedic value to the book, as Jill used some of her favorite quotes to introduce chapters.

I finished my copy yesterday evening. I plan to go back and read it again. Reading it in bed the other night, I got a case of the giggles. Hubster would have tossed me out if I didn't realize pretty quickly that it would be more enjoyable to read when I could let go and literally LOL!

Does Jill know who I am?
Does she know I enjoyed her book?
Possibly, since I said as much in a comment.
Did she ask me for a review?
Not personally.
Did she ask her Scary readers to review it?
Yes...on bookseller sites.
(I might just do that...even though I don't usually.)

Little bloggers like us only dream of the big bloggers viewer numbers. One day maybe another one of us little'uns will strike the right nerve like Jill did and take off. Meanwhile, I for one will continue to enjoy Scary Mommy both on-line and on my Kindle. Oh, and I totally plan to be there when she comes to town next month!

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