Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Falling Apart

Do  you ever wonder if the so-called advances in the making of products we use every day really are advances? I have to say that given all the things falling apart in my house of late, there is little to convince me of this.

We bought our first house in 1998. That home was built in 1973. While there were many things wrong with it, I was never concerned about the soundness of it's construction. While the heat and A/C were original, we never had more then minor hiccups with them. We did eventually replace them, but the need for more efficient machinery was the motivation. We bought good quality equipment and in the 5 or so years we lived there after had no problems. We had to replace all the appliances in the house, because each was not functional enough to do what they were meant to do with any reasonable reliability. Again, we bought good quality equipment and paid more for them to get  that. We communicate every so often with the folks that bought our house and they always have good reports on how well things are holding up. That makes me feel good, because it made spending the extra money for good stuff, really worth it. Most of them are about 8-10 years old now.

The house we have now had "new" appliances in the kitchen and original heat and A/C. The previous owners took the washer and dryer when they moved. Luckily I had  my old set, so I used it until the washer sputterd it's last breath at age 10. What a bummer! So, I had to buy a new set. I did research and read reviews and spent several weeks trolling the internet, going to the various stores and picking the sales people's brains in my quest for the best or at least as close to it as I could afford. I was disappointed by the salespeople. Each store I visited did not seem to care to give their own opinions. Rather I received canned answers and was often pushed towards a certain brand. In testing this theory, I visited several branches of the stores I have to choose from and each store pushed the same stuff on me -- regardless of my wants and what I was asking for. That is suspect in my book, because it means that even if the one they are pushing is a good product, if it has a better product next to it they may not tell you. This is why I did so much research.

So, late in 2008, I made my choice and selected a highly rated set. I wish I hadn't but that is because I hadn't seen any complaints about top load HE washers with no agitator in the middle leaving clothes knotted and uber-wrinkly. Since then I have found many such complaints, so be warned. :) I have adjusted how I wash things and adapted for the most part to get around that, but it is a pain in the ass. To boot, the machine just doesn't always do what it is set to do and seems to have extreme difficulty dissolving powder products. Last week the dryer began making a noise that could wake the dead. It has apparently is the drum roller and it needs to be replaced. It ain't cheap either at $135 before labor! YAY home warranty... $75 deductible!

Right now I am thanking my lucky stars that we decided to keep the home appliance warranty going each year since we bought this house in 2007. The previous homeowners had replaced all the kitchen appliances and the hot water heater in the 3 years they owned the house. So far, in addition to the 4 year old dryer, we have had the 5 year old dishwasher start burning up its electronic parts. (Apparently this has happened a lot with our model and yet ours was not included with the recall that the maker had for a whole bunch of other models from the same time frame. No logic there! OH and the recall only gave those people $250 towards a new machine of their brand AND these people had paid TOP $$ for their DWs!) The water heater was maybe 6 years old when it died and had to be replaced.

The A/C is original to the house which was built in 1992. When we moved in, it promptly died and the home warranty repair man said there were no parts for it, so he flat out said he was going to jerry-rig it to make it work. Since then it has been re-jerry-rigged 2 more times by the home warranty. Uhm? How is jerry rigging safe?

The fridge makes ice but not water, because the line freezes. I gave up thawing it out, and the home warranty doesn't cover ice makers. It also randomly freezes things in the fridge, and the freezer has to be kept on the warmest setting or else everything freezes so hard you cannot even scoop ice cream! The gas stove doesn't heat evenly in the oven and the burners do not regulate well which really messes with cooking! It is so bad that I was using the gas grill almost year round for the vast majority of my cooking. That is until the tornado last year knocked it over... Never has worked right since... :( I miss that! But that was all that was damaged... Unlike the neighbors who lost the whole top of their house!

All these problems in products that are not very old are very disturbing. For all the things that are amazing in the advances in our world, appliance manufacturing has gone down hill in my book. Efficiency is a wonderful thing for sure, BUT The cost of the things we buy is SO HIGH and there is NO EXCUSE for the paltry warranties they give for the products. It seems to me that they would warrant them longer if they actually believed in their own stuff and weren't such greedy bastards! Advances are only good if  they improve a product AND keep the quality to last a good long time at a high standard. They don't anymore and we are ripped off in a big way because of it!

Let me know what your favorite appliances are and why. It looks like I might have to start looking for some new ones soon... UGH! Like I have money for THAT!


  1. Oh noooo Darling! But now that you bring it up, I can't find a good dishwasher, I've had 3!!! 3 dishwashers that was supposed to be top notch... oh yup! Then there's the front loading washer that it seems my towels always smell like they've been in the washer sitting for days even though I put them right in the dryer. WTheck?? I can't stand appliance shopping... much prefer lipsticks... xoxo

  2. The HE washers are prone to stink, simplybbecause they are closed all.the time and never drain completely. There is a product called Lemishine that is sold in a box with 3 pouches in it ( not the one in the bottle for adding to your dishwaser) which worked better than all the HE machine "cleaners" I had tried. I ended up running the clean cycle 3 times because it was loosening up so much schmutz. Give that a try and try to leave the door open on your machine when not in use.
    Hope you had a happy birthday!! Cheers!