Tuesday, March 27, 2012

water water everywhere...

Well, when it rains it pours! What a week...the one directly from hell!

Friday the Hubster came home from work. I looked at him and asked who hit him. He had a very red splotch on his face. He said it started at work. Well, by Friday night it had spread over the rest of that half of his face and he had a fever. By Saturday morning it had spread to the other side of his face and the fever was creeping ever higher and off he went to the urgent care center. Diagnosis? Cellulitis -- I had never heard of it before. Basically it is an infection under the skin. Antibiotics were prescribed and home he came.

Needless to say all the stuff we had planned on doing over the fine spring weekend wasn't done... and I was running like a mad chicken to do get other things accomplished. Hubster began to feel better on Sunday night. Monday he stayed home and in the afternoon was mobile enough to keep his appointment with the DR to get his pre-colonoscopy interview out of the way. Ahhh the joys of being over 50! Poor guy! Today he stayed home, since he was still feeling a bit run down and his face, while very much improved is still somewhat swollen.

This afternoon, I mowed the lawn and was doing some clean up. The recycle tub needed a good hosing out from the winter, so Hubster hooked up the hose and commenced to giving it a rinse. A couple minutes later, EC came running out of the house and was so freaked out she could barely get out the words to tell us that there was water POURING out of the ceiling in the Family room downstairs. Bet you were starting to wonder what this post had to do with water, huh?

Inside, I kid you not, behind where the front yard hose faucet is in the wall outside is the top of the ceiling of the basement wall and water was spewing - much like a small geyser! If it wasn't so awful it would have been awesome. The water was spreading fast and we literally grabbed all the beach towels in the house and started tossing them on the pool. Hubster went in the back room to get the steam cleaner to suck the water up with and found that it had also gotten in there and was spreading fast under the stairs and across the concrete floor.

We started to feel like we had gotten through the worst of it when I felt a little splash of water on my cheek. I wasn't even near where the water had been spewing forth into the house, but when I looked up, the hideous boob* light the previous owners had installed was fast filling with water and it was dripping from the nipple.

*I found a photo online of one that is very similar to the light we have -- and now you know why I call it the boob light:

Hubster removed the light, put a bucket under it and we proceeded to continue with the clean up. We stopped to eat since it appeared the worst had past. After dinner we started collecting wet towels and checking the state of things only to discover that several seams in the ceiling were oozing water and a wall on the other side of the room now had pouring water down its face AND into one of our picture frames! Couldn't be a crappy one, oh no... instead it had to be a limited edition pen and ink given to Hubster by someone back home. It is possible I rescued it in time, but water dripped out from the corner of the frame when I tilted it, so I am worried that the mat will have wicked up some and become an ugly stain on a professionally framed picture. GRRRRRRRRRRR!

We then had to move more furniture, because the ceiling was obviously very wet and I was concerned  that it could fall onto the computer and book cases. Hubster stared poking holes in the ceiling to help the water get out, so we have a series of buckets catching drips now. The plumber is set to come in the morning at 10 am.

Hubster was already scheduled to be off tomorrow, because he has to go have a cancerous spot in his back removed -- they didn't want to reschedule that when I told them about the cellulitis, because they have no place in  the schedule until late May. UGH! I feel bad for poor Hubster. He needs a break! Hopefully there will be no more major upsets between now and April 10th when he gets his colonoscopy... Let's just hope everything comes out ok that day!

They are calling for a chance of severe storms tonight and possibly off and on the next few days.OH GOODIE, cuz oh yeah 2 weeks ago on the other side of the basement, the bedroom down there flooded. We have been trying for years to get that to stop. Every time we think we beat it, mother nature throws us a curve ball. That bitch needs to pick on someone else -- SERIOUSLY!

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