Sunday, March 18, 2012


S.c.e.n.t.s.y is all the NEW rage. Have you heard of it? I did a few years back at the chiropractor's office. She had catalogs and a warmer going. Shortly after that, a friend from HS had an online party. Looking was it for me, as I deemed it too rich for my frugal blood. I will admit that I really did think they had some nice looking items.

Before Christmas, I was at the local winery for ladies night where I met a fantastic and funny woman -- JS. Today I am happy to call her friend. ANYWAY, JS sells S.c.e.n.t.s.y. Still, I felt it too much for my pocketbook. At the beginning of the month, she asked me to host a party -- I agreed. I like having people over and maybe with the rewards I could afford to buy some of their goodies.

In chatting about the party and such, I had -- quite off-handed -- asked her whether this was something a college kid could do. My girl JS went straight into sales mode and pitched to me all the reason why the answer was yes. After discussing it briefly with the Hubster, I approached KC about it and surprisingly, she was interested.

You already know that Hubster and I are desperate for her to get a job, right? Well, she STILL has not gotten one and swears she has applied EVERYWHERE... We can only take her word for it. Now it is even more important that she earn some money. She has been accepted to do a semester in Spain next year -- so she was told yet again that if she wants to continue at her school and also participate in this exciting opportunity, she has to have money coming in.

JS and KC talked, FB'd, e-mailed etc and the decision was made for KC to become a S.c.e.n.t.s.y consultant. We were able to turn the party at my house into her launch and she did pretty well considering how quickly we got it together. She has taken off running and JS is really determined to help her succeed. So... lets hope this works out! We could really use a POSITIVE spin on things around here!!


  1. Oh JOY... a job for KC!! Good maneuvering Momma C... xoxo

  2. As soon as she makes a profit, I will do the happy dance! Feel free to PM me if you ever want to order! LOL! XO