Wednesday, February 8, 2012


One might think by the title that I am going to talk about people who came to visit -- at our home. However, that is not the case. Today I address blog visitors. This space is far from popular. One post and one post only is the major source of my blog traffic and is discovered via Google search; it is the one in which I discussed my experience trying the extremely nasty Skinny Girl Margarita. I occupied the # 4 space for quite a long time, now I am down to # 8 -- and I expect that before that post reaches a year in age come April, I will be on page 2 and the traffic excitement will die down further -- probably completely.

I cannot say why my particular review comes up so high on the search, but it certainly has boosted my visitor numbers. What should be pointed out is that the people who come to my piddly little space on the "inter-web" via such searches don't wander around. They have a goal, they reach their goal and they leave. The very few people who get here through other various searches don't hang out for any length of time either, nor do they usually make return visits.

I have a few loyal visitors... Most of whom have known me most of my life and already know most of what I write about myself. They know who they are and they know I love them very much and appreciate their support. There are a few loyal visitors that have come along unexpectedly and I perceive their return visits as supportive from one blogger to another. Most of them are as unknown to me as I am to them. I happen to follow along with their pages as well and though their styles, topics and even reasons for blogging are far different than mine, I truly enjoy them.

All the chatter of late about the pending end of Google friend connect has reminded me that while it looks like I have about 40 "followers" I really don't. Most of those folks I acquired when I was new to blogging and was trying out blog hopping. They followed from the blog hop and, with the exception of 2 that I know of, have never returned. Recently I signed up for the new "linky followers" that was developed to be like friend connect, but does not discriminate against blog brand. Since my current passion is DIY, I chose to follow a few interesting blog pages with a lot of cool ideas for re-purposing and re-finishing. These same folks have followed me back and now it feels like a glorified blog hop. I am happy to have followers,  but I really prefer to have those that are actually "following" along and I imagine most bloggers feel the same.

Based on page traffic information, it is interesting to note that those who do return after "following" proceed forward with my new posts and don't often go diving back into the old ones. That is totally fine and doesn't bother me. I am the same way -- largely because most of us don't have enough time in the day to go digging way down into the archives. Sometimes it can be hard to just keep up with the current posts of those I follow.

I do have a few visitors who are generating a significant rise in my numbers because they have gone back through the cob-webs and they keep hitting my blog, sometime daily -- even if they only stay for a couple seconds. Specifically these are people  who do not care for my blog and probably wish it would poof into thin air -- yet they visit so regularly that if I didn't know who was looking I would think my piddly little space on the "inter-web" was quite popular.

Since I know that my pages are not as popular as they appear statistically, I thought maybe certain others ought to consider that as well. I feel like it is worth stating the obvious, because sometimes the obvious is lost along the way, but this is my therapeutic outlet. I do this for me and me only. I really don't vent on a topic unless it has come to the forefront of my mind through events in my life. I am a scarred person that lives every day trying to overcome the damages -- be they inflicted by others or the actions of my younger self --and if that bothers people I am sorry for them but not for myself.

The most interesting thing about my blog is that it is largely uninteresting, unless you have a vested interest in me. That hasn't proved to be the case, with a precious few exceptions -- these are people I have a consistent and long term relationship with, who support me and receive support in return because that is what it is all about. The people one would most expect to give support are not among the vested -- by their own choice, though I love them anyway and in spite of it BUT not to spite them...


  1. Darling,
    I just love your honesty and sometimes I come to visit just to remind myself that there are REAL people in BloggyLand... and YOU are as real as they come. Cups Up my Dear! xoxo

  2. Thank you Caffe! High praise from you! Cheers! XXX