Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why do YOU blog?

Everyone that blogs started for a reason. Whether the bog they write now is the same as the blog they started or that blog evolves/d into something bigger or completely different depends solely on the blogger.

Sometimes you can tell what you will be reading by the title. Mine is relatively easy to figure out. This is my place to vent and let loose etc... and the title reflects that. Sometimes I post things that interested me or things that I think are important, but largely this is the place to bitch. There are other blogs at which you have no idea what you will get any given day and I hadn't ever really given that much thought... until I read Caffeinated OC Mommy's post  Lip Balm On Sandpaper... I Don't Think So! recently.

Caffe makes some valid points and a few I may just have to take to heart myself. SO, if you are floundering with your blog, and this happens  to me on a regular basis, step back and think on the reason you started. Is it still valid? Has it morphed into something bigger and better or has is fallen victim to neglect?

Do things like how many followers you have matter to you? I personally don't care... The stats show my readership, while small, is steady and not necessarily those who "follow" my blog. There are a couple people that cause my stats to be slightly inflated daily, so I ignore their hits when I see them. Of course, since the overlord, I mean Google, is killing Friend Connect for some STUPID reason, follower numbers will probably take a big hit. I still have to find out how we will know when someone chooses to follow us...

Does being famous and having a national blog like Jill over at Scary Mommy appeal  to you? You better buckle down and get to it! Chances are, though that you will not have the results that Jill had... Me? I have no designs on that sort of thing.

Anyway, it's all just food for thought. I am most definitely NOT any kind of blog expert and since my personal blog space has been compromised, I don't give this blog the attention it deserves anymore. Caffe definitely got me thinking...


  1. I hadn't heard about Google's intentions. They give us something only to take it away once we get used to it. Do they want to charge for the service?

    I blog for the same reasons as you :)

  2. I haven't heard of any intent to charge for the service. Only that the friend connect tool will not be available to non-google blogs. I will look for the google post I read and post it if I find it...