Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rules of the PHONE and TEXTiquette

AHHH the phone. Today there are so many phones and so many RUDE phone users to go with the many ways in which a phone can be used. My cell is a dumb phone with Verizon and I LIKE it that way. I have cordless house phones with a real answering machine NOT the obnoxious voice mail AT&T offers up.

When I receive a call, unless I am really busy or in a place that is not appropriate, I answer my phones. If I don't and someone leaves me a message, I will return the call, unless there is no need for it. If someone texts me, I read it and respond in kind, unless it is not necessary. Even if it isn't necessary, I tend to send an acknowledgement so the sender knows I received their message.

When I send a text to someone, unless I have a question, I don't expect a return text, unless they are like me and just let me know they received it. If I ask a question and I receive no reply at all... Not only do I not know the answer to said question, but I also don't know said question was received.

Lately the phone and text issue has been on my mind, largely because I get inundated with repeat texts if I don't reply fast enough for some people's taste, which is too damned bad especially since I refuse to be rude to others in order to reply to someone. I always reply as soon as I can and those who have my number ought to know from experience (or just knowing me at all) that this is the case!

My kids have friends that call the house and if I/we cannot get to the phone in time, they hang up and leave no message. Instead they repeatedly call until the phone is answered or they get bored with not getting an answer. This really PISSES ME OFF! I have even asked them to leave a message instead and they STILL don't do it. What's worse is I have an adult neighbor friend who does this. She at least leaves a message after the 3rd or 4th time calling, but STILL that is obnoxious.

So, it seems to me that in this day of extreme technology, people do not feel the need to be polite, use common sense or discretion when using their phones... especially CELL PHONES! That, my friends, is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Rules of the phone ~ receiving calls:
1) Answer your calls in public only if you can get somewhere you will not be disturbing others.
2) If you really MUST answer your calls in public, do so in a hushed voice that respects the presence of others and the privacy of your conversation. This gives the caller a clue that you are not readily able to talk and return call can be arranged!
3) DO NOT under ANY non-emergency circumstances use your phone while you are using the bathroom facilities. There is nothing more disgusting than listening to you pee or hearing your poops plopping! EWW! Besides, the acoustics are always horrid and you sound bad, cannot hear well and tend to yell which just shares ALL your business way too much.
4) WASH YOUR FRICKIN' HANDS, PHONE OR NO PHONE! If you don't, you contribute to the spread of germs and that is gross on the highest of levels! You wouldn't want it to happen to you!

Rules of the phone ~ making calls:
1) If the person you call is whispering, take the damned hint and arrange to reconnect later.
2) If the person you call is OBVIOUSLY in the bathroom, make it known you have no desire to talk while they are in there and ask them to call you back at a more convenient time. It is easy to say something like: "It sounds like you are busy" or "I must have caught you at a bad time." "Give me a call back in a few minutes.", without being rude or embarrassing either party
3) If no one answers your call, leave a brief and concise message. If there is no answer, there is usually a reason. Calling repeatedly and annoying the other party will not put you in a good light and earns you no favors. If the matter is urgent, say so in the message! If you haven't received a reply in a few minutes, try again. Then the other person will recognize that it is important and may be able to extract themselves from whatever they are doing in order to get to you. Repeat calling is just plain annoying and totally unacceptible!

Rules of the phone ~ sending TEXTiquette:
1) If you send a text and an immediate or fast response is required, say so!
2) If no response is required, you might say that.
3) If you ask a question, give the person you are contacting a few minutes. They may need to look up something to answer you, pull over if they are driving or any number of other things.
4) Please be brief and concise and try NOT to use text speak. The only exception is if you have no qwerty keyboard, then I can excuse it -- because I know that is a pain in the ass!

Rules of the phone ~ receiving TEXTiquette:
1) When you receive a text, respond if a response is required, even if you only to say you will get back to them later.
2) If you receive a question in a text, answer the question or say you can't answer just then.
3) If you are absolutely unable to reply for a while, be OK with that. Don't compromise safety or common sense for a text. It really isn't worth it!
4) Don't leave people hanging. It is rude and you don't like it either. Rude is never the answer, even though that is often hard to remember!

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