Thursday, October 20, 2011

A gift of love

Someone in my life that I love dearly, who I have been extremely close to for 25+ years was good enough to let me ramble on the phone the other day about all my worries and frustrations. An offer of help was made and refused, because I am not the sort to ask for help -- especially from people who have already given me so much.

In today's mail I received a humorous card from her. She knows me so well that when she sees "the card" in the store, I am likely to receive a random humorous surprise in the mail, because it made her think of me. I consider myself very lucky to have this wonderful, caring and generous friend. I just wish I felt like I was worthy.

So, to my friend I say first and foremost -- I love you more than words can convey. Second, though no less important, I thank you for today. You made me both laugh at the perfection with which you once again hit the nail on the head and cry because you are far too good to me.

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