Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FIFTY...5-0...Half a Century

Tomorrow my love will be 50! It seems like yesterday that we were going on our first date, so it is hard to picture how we got here so quickly. However it happened, I know that the best part is that we got here together. This post goes directly to you M...

When we first met I thought you were asking me out on a pity date. Everyone knew I was a single mom and that I was burned badly by it. It had been so long since I had gone out that I accepted in hopes that I was wrong. That was one of the best decisions I EVER made in my entire life. You are a wonderful man with greater capacity for love and kindness than you let on. You took on my child and me and we became a family. There was no greater moment than the one when I realized "my daughter" was truly our daughter. Our wedding was a day I will cherish in my heart forever as the day we became us. We have a beautiful family, in spite of their efforts to be heathens. You are my rock and my soul mate. I love with all my heart and soul the amazing man that is you.


  1. Awww... Darling, YOU are wonderful and you have a fabulous man to go with... good for you... Cups Up! (with some bubbly to celebrate!) Blowing kisses my Dear... xoxo

  2. That's a very nice post. Happy Birthday Mr M

  3. Thank you both! I am a VERY lucky lady and know it every day. M is deserving of many cheers! XOXO