Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bookin' It

Rumor has it that Friday is the end of the end of the road for Border's Books..., though I have heard contrary information that they will stay open until the end of the month too. In either case, to say I am bummed is an understatement. I have to admit I am part of the problem, after all I shop on plenty. Border's rarely if ever beat the pricing and well I just don't spend extra money for nothing -- DO YOU?

I will be checking out their shelves this morning for sure. Hubster saw an article that Books-A-Million (I had never heard of them until Border's was in the crapper....) who I think was at one point trying to buy the troubled Border's has at least come to a judge approved agreement to take over the leases of some of the Border's locations. My favorite one happens to be on that list. I will see what I think after it all goes down. ANY book store has got to be better than the other big chain!

I hate B&N... In my experiences, they are overpriced and snooty. When they came out with their club that you had to PAY to get a discount, I thought that was the shittiest thing ever. For years I was glad that Borders had not followed suit and just gave you the discounts for joining. I was mad as hell this year when I found out they were doing it too. I did sign up for it, BUT only because my $20 membership came with a shit-ton of coupons -- most of which were for items I would use and since the savings was adding up to more than the cost of the membership, I could deal with it. That said, I was not going to renew it if they did not offer a good reason. Now, of course, I do not have to worry about renewing it...

So, does anyone know anything about this Books-A Million company? Since I have no idea what they are about, I am hoping to get some good information about them.

As you know, I read a crap-ton of books and lately many have a common thread. A book store/coffee shop in a small town, often with a yarn/knit shop tied in somehow. I think our town needs one of these places. In my mind I have an amazing idea, but that is where it all comes screeching to a halt! (There is just about nothing but a damn truck stop here that anyone would want to spend more than 5 minutes at.... if that!)

Have a great day and READ READ READ, you know... to exercise your minds!


  1. Have you read the Debbie Macomber knit shop series? LOVE them!!!!

  2. YES! They are great! I LOVE them too.

    DM also has the Cedar Cove series, which I love. Apparently she is ending it though, which is kind of a bummer! However, that means something new must be coming, so I am interested to see what the will be.

    Have you been to her web-site? She has recipes and such there as well as her book stuff.