Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writing Promt from Momma Kat

Not having had a lot to write about lately, I decided to try my hand at a writing prompt. Momma Kat over at Mama's Losin It does a list every week. Since I have never done this before, you'll have to tell me if it SUCKS or not!

These are the 5 topic options for the week:
1.) Locked out.
2.) Write about a time you wanted to disappear.
3.) An inappropriate time to laugh.
4.) A time you hurt a friends feelings.
5.) Advice to new mothers.

I have opted to do the first one. Maybe you'd like to choose one as well? Go on, give it a try. Either way, wander over to see Momma Kat. You won't be disappointed -- she is a freakin' riot!


When we were kids, we were sent outside to play. There were no video games, no cartoons all day and it was just what kids did. Surely some of you remember that, right? Naturally, we would try to defy the order and go (sneak?) back often as possible and for all manner of BS reasons. Certainly we did not have to go to the bathroom 20 times in an hour, but based on our claims, we did.

One day, Dad got sick of this and locked the doors. We banged and cried and yelled and begged to no avail. When we actually had to go to the bathroom, our pleas went unanswered. When you are a kid, after a while, when you have to pee there is no stopping it. Who wants to play in wet pants? Who wants to get in trouble for wetting their pants? Not us, for sure! The basement stairwell was hidden from view of all the neighbors and our parents for that matter. We figured there was a drain and the hose was right there, so we peed there for the rest of the day.

This door locking thing became somewhat regular and being a girl I preferred wiping over drip drying , so I took a roll of TP down into the stairwell for myself. I don't remember having planned for the trash, and it seems to me there was a telltale paper pile to announce the new bathroom facilities we had created. Needless to say the new facilities were discovered in due time and I being the TP user as well as the oldest, was blamed. I am fairly sure we attempted to make a case for our actions, if we did it made no difference. Dad went pretty ballistic.

I admit it was gross and stinky (I am pretty certain we never poo'd in the stairwell!) and messy, BUT really where ought we have been going? The door was LOCKED and he refused to let us in. I think back to that time and offer kudos to us kids for being resourceful in a situation that was beyond our control. The door locking stopped, so at least there was no further need to pee in the stairwell.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook : clean-up help

The very talented Red Head Riter posted a useful link on her blog the other day:
How To Unlike Multiple Pages On Facebook

I tried it out and it was super easy to do, so if you have ever had a "LIKE" frenzy on Facebook and want to clean  up your "LIKE"d pages, give it a whirl. It is also useful just to see them all listed in an easy to read format. I don't know about you, but I often forget what I have liked and so I was able to see what was there and whether I still "LIKE" it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


9-11 is the date, the anniversary number is 10 and we are a country still stumbling under the heavy-wet-wool sweater of hate. Hate is hard on people and takes a lot of effort. Hate feeds on itself and spreads like wildfire. And yet we still hate. We still feed the hate and we do not appear to be anywhere close to letting go of even some of that hate. It doesn't appear to matter where we direct that hate, so long as we maintain it. That in itself is a scary thing. Our country has a right to some of the hate. No doubt about it. Our country has traveled many wrong paths in the pursuit of this hate. We seem incapable of admitting this, much less apologizing to those we have harmed in the pursuit of revenge born of our hate. We seem surprised that, more and more, people outside of our country have deep hate for us. We have a double standard of hate. We openly hate those whose ideals and opinions are different than ours -- even here on our own soil. 10 years of hate and nothing has really changed.
9-11-2001 -- a deep and vicious wound was opened in our country. That wound should be healing, in small degrees, but it is not. I look at the news and the fighting within and across our political parties and I see a country that has lost sight of itself. I see that we have done little to truly heal and when I see that I wonder if the enemy has truly won. A wound is meant to heal. When it doesn't heal, the infection is not stopped and it continues to spread and devour all it can it its path. We are now so very unstable and unsure of ourselves that the enemy may just have the result they wanted after all. We may not need the help of the enemy to destroy us, because we may just do so on our own because we refuse to heal.

I lived on the east coast, in a tiny DC suburb back then. My husband works for a federal agency and that day he was at his office. I endured the fear of not knowing what federal agencies were being targeted and why. I endured the hours of no communication because the lines were overwhelmed. I held on to my belief that my husband was not in the line of fire that day until the moment he arrived home safe and sound. I am eternally grateful that his agency was not harmed directly. I am deeply saddened by the horrific losses others endured that day.

Today I am physically further away, but my mind is back in a place where shock and horror are at the forefront. Tomorrow I hope to be in a place where we have taken one step closer to healing and closing the festering wound we call 9-11. None of us who were old enough to understand will forget it and no one expects us to. What I think we are expected to do is help each other heal and so far we have done little to achieve that as a nation. The bigger the divide gets the more open and susceptible we are to deeper, more treacherous evils.

Think back to a silly movie called Ghostbusters II. There is a lot of  truth to be found at the end of that movie... We had a positive vibe running through our country in the early days, weeks, months and even the first few years following 9-11. Now? Not so much. Today I see, hear and feel anger and hate and until we gain control of it we will never win against the enemy that harmed us so deeply.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bookin' It

Rumor has it that Friday is the end of the end of the road for Border's Books..., though I have heard contrary information that they will stay open until the end of the month too. In either case, to say I am bummed is an understatement. I have to admit I am part of the problem, after all I shop on plenty. Border's rarely if ever beat the pricing and well I just don't spend extra money for nothing -- DO YOU?

I will be checking out their shelves this morning for sure. Hubster saw an article that Books-A-Million (I had never heard of them until Border's was in the crapper....) who I think was at one point trying to buy the troubled Border's has at least come to a judge approved agreement to take over the leases of some of the Border's locations. My favorite one happens to be on that list. I will see what I think after it all goes down. ANY book store has got to be better than the other big chain!

I hate B&N... In my experiences, they are overpriced and snooty. When they came out with their club that you had to PAY to get a discount, I thought that was the shittiest thing ever. For years I was glad that Borders had not followed suit and just gave you the discounts for joining. I was mad as hell this year when I found out they were doing it too. I did sign up for it, BUT only because my $20 membership came with a shit-ton of coupons -- most of which were for items I would use and since the savings was adding up to more than the cost of the membership, I could deal with it. That said, I was not going to renew it if they did not offer a good reason. Now, of course, I do not have to worry about renewing it...

So, does anyone know anything about this Books-A Million company? Since I have no idea what they are about, I am hoping to get some good information about them.

As you know, I read a crap-ton of books and lately many have a common thread. A book store/coffee shop in a small town, often with a yarn/knit shop tied in somehow. I think our town needs one of these places. In my mind I have an amazing idea, but that is where it all comes screeching to a halt! (There is just about nothing but a damn truck stop here that anyone would want to spend more than 5 minutes at.... if that!)

Have a great day and READ READ READ, you know... to exercise your minds!