Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did you know I like to read?

HAH! You know I do... So that must be a title born of not having any idea what to call this post...

I have read quite a bit this summer, as usual. I had been leaning heavily towards buying a kindle, BUT then Border's decided to go belly up and well who can pass up the many bargains to be had. Especially those made better by the extra discounts they have been giving to us PLUS members... It goes without saying that I have grabbed a few goodies over the past few weeks and swapped many recommendations/suggestions with others haunting the same aisles.

My latest good find is an English author called Gil McNeil. If you like Kate Jacobs books, I am certain you will also enjoy Gil's. The writing is very conversational and you feel as though you are sitting there with all her characters. There is plenty usage of my favorite word... (come on you know this...) FUCK, but it doesn't ruin it. In fact it seems to go with the flow of normal people chatting about life.

I've just finished the first of 2 books by Gil McNeil that I snagged last week, The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club (originally published in the UK under the title: Diva's Don't Knit, which I like better myself...), and now I am on to the sequel (published here and there under the same title) called Needles and Pearls. So far it is a continuation of the first and I am loving it.

Our story is about a woman named Jo and her 2 sons, Jack and Archie. The husband/father character, Nick, has offed himself in a car wreck immediately following his announcement to Jo that he 1) has gotten a great promotion, 2) has been having an affair and 3) wants a divorce. Leaving in a huff because your wife doesn't take the news of #'s 2 and 3 very well and you think she ought to be calm and reasonable makes Nick a not so likeable guy. Which he deserves. Did he deserve to die? Who knows, but in this story there would be none without it, so onward we go.

Post funeral, Jo learned that Nick had secretly second mortgaged their home, so she has had to sell the family home and is moving to the beach town where her Gran has had a wool shop since forever. In the first book, the story follows Jo and her boys settling in their new life and the characters that enter are wonderfully funny, vivid and interesting. It takes us from just prior to the start of the school year through to February. Along the way Jo accidentally meets a famous movie starlet and they strike up a friendship of sorts, spends the Christmas holidays in Venice where her parents are and has a brief encounter with a world famous professional photographer. All this and more add up to a fabulous dialog and if you are any sort of Anglophile like me, you will thoroughly enjoy all the British-isms to keep your mind busy.

The second book picks up where the first left off and in no time at all there is all sorts of excitement. As I am still reading, I will leave you hanging here. I hope you get the chance to read Gil McNeil's work and if you do please tell me how you liked it. I myself intend to see if her earlier books are available here or not. Meanwhile, I have just read that there is a third book to this set coming out December 27, 2011 called Knit One, Pearl One, which I eagerly await!

Read on my friends. Cheers from my wine goblet to yours!


  1. I've been in a book slump lately. I was in the autobiography section for a while. Just read "Bossypants" by Tina Fey...very funny!! But, with the promise of some cooler nights, I'm longing for some sexy fiction. :) Thanks for the suggestions!! I haven't been to borders for a while...do they still have a few things??? Or are they pretty much picked completely over?

  2. I think there is some left... I am going Tuesday, since I heard that the 9th is the last day they are open. HOWEVER, M said he read that a deal was struck with Books A Million last week and the E/GC store will reopen under that name! YAY!