Friday, July 29, 2011

SCHOOL! Totally NOT free!

Last week we registered our kids for school. Something our district makes us do ANNUALLY! What a nuisance! At the end of the registration line, you get to PAY, anywhere from $45 to over $100 per student, depending on their grade level.

On my property tax bill*, there is a HUGE tax for our school district. The local Board of Education has free reign to vote any tax increase they see fit to cover their so-called expenses. There is no way to stop them if they decide to vote a tax increase.

Correct me if I am wrong, BUT aren't those very same, very high taxes supposed to cover the cost of my kids education? How on earth can this be legal? Is not education a guaranteed right to every citizen/child? What if I could not afford these additional fees? (and truthfully, these days they are significantly more difficult to pony up!) Would they not allow my kids to go to school?It is one thing to charge a few bucks for the kids who are in Drivers Ed or Special Science classes that use specialty items, BUT to make us pay so much in tax and then demand more just to even go, not to mention the school supplies the teachers demand -- name brands and about 5 of everything? WTF????

*The bill for this years Property taxes is a whopping $4475.36!
The portion of that designated for our school district is $2690.80.
The rest of the bill has portions that go to the city to run our TOWN: $475.96,
to the county for who the hell knows what: $431.13,
the local community college (not even in my county, mind you!): $219.52,
the road maintenance: $208.90,
the local volunteer fire dept. $161.95,
the local library: $112.72,
the local town park: $106.80
and lastly, some township that I have no idea how is related to my actual town gets: $67.58.

Does anyone else see the HUGELY out of balance numbers??? I am absolutely flummoxed by this! Not to mention that this school tax is an increase from last year of almost $120!!! According to the chart that shows how our taxes were spent, the schools get a whopping 62% of the monies. Supposedly we live in a good district, BUT I fail to see how good it is based on the fact that they keep CUTTING programs. This argues with the local newspaper headline yesterday that screams -- *** School District Begins New School Year With Strong Finances -- This years operating fund is nearly $3.1 million HIGHER than last year! HOLY SHIT!

I am not happy, my wallet is not happy and this is just OUT of CONTROL! The B of E needs to buckle down and maybe not give themselves a raise or better yet... take a fuckin' PAY CUT!!!!!


  1. I'm sure this cannot be legal. You should inquire with your state Office Of Public Instruction.

  2. Unfortunately, it is legal enough that we get to put what we spent on the school registration on our State income taxes! 9 times out of 10 it will not give us any tax relief/reduction... BUT you have to put it on there...