Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Bitchin' Year!

Would you believe today is Blogiversary the 1st?

I have to say I was skeptical when I started. I didn't think I would like blogging and wasn't very confident that I would have much to say, much less say enough to get through a whole year.

As it turns out, I have enjoyed writing my blog very much, appreciate my small following and the support that comes with it. So, without further ado, I hope you'll have a margarita with me to celebrate! CHEERS!


  1. TYVM M2T! Love and miss ya! =]

  2. Hey...happy blogaversary! :) Glad I finally got my head out of my rear and found you on here. Oh. And I got your txt...just delayed cause it didn't come through while I was at the farm. I'm maxed out on boy clothes right now. Thanks for the generous offer. When it isn't 120 degrees, lets walk and talk. :)

  3. I am now having visions of you with your head in your rear! LOL!

    I figured when it didn't say delivered that you probably were at the farm. No problem on the clothes... have already found a new home for them.

    You should come over for an evening swim. I start walking again Tuesday when Hubster gets back to work -- you are welcome to come with me!

  4. YIPPPEEEE! Congrats MC Darling... I'll lift my cup up! xoxo

  5. Why thank you! Cheers from cup to cup!