Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summertime.... Blues?

The only blues I have in the summertime are the pool views! It would be nice to be somewhere warm enough to have sun and water all year long. I love to be outside, even if I am only sitting on the deck watching the kids play in the pool. It is a close second to the beach, given the beach I love is about 20 hours drive away.

KC, E and T today...PLAYING nicely...together!
Nanticoke, MD at sunset, front yard at my Grandparents!

Enjoy the summer! If you don't see too much of me here, it's cuz I am out back! I still have some stuff on my mind about the texting and driving issue, but I haven't gotten it all sorted out in my noggin' yet. Aside from the obvious: DON'T DO IT!! DUH!

Editor's Note:
Some minor edits have been made to this post.


  1. 20 hours drive away? Being European I can't even imagine distances of that magnitude. I complain about the one hour drive to the south coast! :)

  2. MC, enjoy your summer and keep your cup filled! xoxo

  3. JOE: 20 hours AND I have all those kids to cart along, so it feels like an ETERNITY! LOL!

    COCM: I will and you do the same! Thanks!

    Don't worry, I will still check up on everyone else as I drink my morning brew!