Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Reading

Sitting by the pool requires a certain amount of balance. Just enough sun, just enough shade, a clear view of the kids in the pool, a well tuned ear, good music and a constant stream of entertaining reading material.

I have plowed through a few books the past few weeks. Generally catching the latest events in those stories from series I enjoy. I went to the Goodwill store a while back and had found a fairly good stack to work on for mere pennies. They tend to sell paperbacks for $0.70! WOW! Many are current and what a find if you can grab one you like or have been looking forward to getting! I did not have as much luck the last visit, but I came away with one or 2 goodies. I also discovered that, while they are not quite as cheap as Goodwill, many antique malls have booths selling used books. (I say discovered because back home you generally found actual antiques at the antique stores/malls, but here there seems to be all manner of miscellany to buy for cheap...most of the ones I have been to here seem more like Flea Markets to me.)

Today I finished a book by an author I discovered last summer, Pamela Morsi, when I read Bitsy's Bait & BBQ. That was a really great book. Her writing is similar to that of Lorna Landvik or Kris Radish. When I started stocking up for my summer reading this year, I decided to try out Pamela's other offerings. Well let me tell you... I was not disappointed at all. Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar is way more than it's title gives you to think it will be.

It is a wonderful heart wrenching, tear jerking story with plenty of laughter to boot. Red is a woman who owns a Honky-Tonk bar in Texas. Her daughter, Bridge, is in the Army and is deployed in Kabul. When she left she had Red sign some papers that she would be a caretaker to Bridge's kids if anything should happen to their other Grandmother who was keeping them. Given that they have a somewhat awkward relationship; it was just a formality. No one ever thought that there would be a real reason for Red to have to step up. An unexpected twist of fate has Bridge calling upon Red to take care of her kids when their other Grandmother has a stroke. Reluctantly Red steps up to the plate. Just a few short months brings changes that will stay with them all forever. A hardened woman who had not really known her Grand-kid's and had a strained a distant relationship with her daughter finds love, family and some peace in her heart.

If you are looking for summer reading material, this is one I would highly recommend you find. At the end, I wanted the story to keep on going, but it ended in a perfect spot. Given this is the second of her books that I enjoyed so much, I plan to read more of hers.

Quotes from the book:

"I told him, you're our grandmother whether you look like it or not." --Olivia

"Of course she's my baby," "We grew up together." --Red

Don't worry, Red. I have no intention of trying to drag some DNA stranger into my life. If you decided that he didn't deserve to be a part of our family, I trust that you had sufficient reason." --Bridge

Happy reading, enjoy your summer and cheers from my Margarita glass to yours!


  1. I needed new books to download! Yeah!!!! Thanks!

  2. I have some other goodies too... I will try to update the book list page soon!