Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Dirty Blog!

So, I was over at Make Daddy A Sammich, a blog I enjoy tremendously, and today's post had me laughing, as his blog often does.

Basically, he found a site that you can measure how "clean" or "dirty" your blog is. Naturally I had to check mine out, though I was nearly positive of the results BEFORE I tested it... and I was right!

Anyway, I thought it was amusing enough to share, so have a look for yourself and give it a whirl: Clean Meter

Hope you are having an enjoyable summer! Cheers!


  1. lol I just put one of these on my page too! I thought I followed you before but I guess not. That's ok, I am now! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping in!

    Isn't that meter a hoot??? Just checked your blog out and thought I was already following you too... That has happened a few times, must be a glitch.

  3. Hello MC Daring! Will have to check the meter and of COURSE I'm good... lol Hope you're having a terrific summer... xoxo