Friday, May 27, 2011


You'll be hearing from me on this topic in the very near future.

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  1. Last summer, I got a text from someone while I was driving down old troy road. I grabbed my phone and started to text back. I drifted off the road under the overpass...went completely off the road. I stopped, cried, and decided in that moment that no text would ever be more important than my kids. I've never picked up my phone again while driving. Now, if I have to send a message, I pull over to do it...or I let my kids text from the back seat for me! :) Rod does the same thing.
    Great topic...especially in light of our community's latest loss.

  2. It is totally crazy to even attempt to text while driving. Its like trying to drive blindfolded! I remember a very sad case in Surrey some years back of an 18 year old girl driving to work, killed, when a van rammed her off the road by a driver who was texting his girlfriend. What a waste of life :(

  3. Jill: The recent events in our town are what promoted this, but since it hasn't been confirmed by the police, I wanted to wait to write my piece. I am not talented enough most days to even talk while driving, let alone attempt texting!!!

  4. Joe: Stories like that are all too common in our country. Our state actually banned it, but other states like MO banned it for under 21 -- which means what, I don't know. I know age is not relevant to ability to text. You are too right that it is a waste of life!

  5. "if you text and drive ill kill you if that doesnt first" - wise words from momma c :]
    even before i won 2nd place for the allstate foundation scholarship for making a video about the dangers of texting while driving i never did it - nor will i ever. there is nothing more important when you are driving than your safety and the safety of others around you.

  6. HAHA! I wonder what your Boyfriend thought of that as he was leaving last night!? LOL!