Friday, May 6, 2011


OK, I decided to give survey taking a whirl... again.

I did NPD for about 10 years and got nothing for my troubles. Their surveys became longer and longer, more and more repetitive and less and less interesting. They started out offering cash prizes and then later went to a points program which you could enter however many of your points into a contest to win something. I never won anything until last year and when I did, it was supposed to be $20 in Zynga money cards, what I got was a $10 money card to play YoVille and the same for Mafia Wars. I have played these games, still do -- sort of. (Mostly I am neighbor to others that do play.) ANYWAY the point is, I was not even offered a choice to choose what games I would want money cards for. Honestly, what if I didn't play those 2 games? I would have had a useless gift. Moreover, they advertised it as Zynga cash and were not specific about the games to which they would send the cards for. I decided to point this out and sent a message to NPD about my concerns regarding how the prize was advertised and distributed by their prize agency. They seemed appropriately chagrined and said as much. NPD even offered ZYNGA money cards that were not game specific. (I do not think Zynga offers non-specific money cards, so while I said sure that'd be fine I was not expecting much.) Well nothing ever materialized and they never followed up. I figured after 10 years and countless surveys and hours of my time they could have been a bit more customer service-y with me, so, I gave up.

Recently I started following Odd Jobs Momma to see if she had any good recommendations for places to make a little cash from home. She posted one for surveys where you can earn cash and I decided to sign up. For the most part it is OK and if you want to do surveys they will definitely hook you up. The only problem I have with this particular survey site is their "tutorial" survey. This survey requires me to go to a web site for credit report scores, join it, get my credit scores and then answer a survey about my experience. I have gotten my scores on-line before, so that is not the problem. I find that I am extremely bothered that the first survey they expect me to accomplish, in order to open up other "locked" surveys, requires me to do something so utterly personal AND does not account for the fact that I may have (1) no need of my scores at this time (2) have already used this site before (3) may not wish to do a survey that requires my social security number. I believe there should be a choice of tutorial surveys for these very reasons, particularly #3.

If you have participated with any survey sites, please relate your experiences -- good or bad. I think this is a good topic to open up.

One of the links sent to me was to be a secret shopper. I have often wondered about doing this and want to know if anyone has any true life experience doing it to share. With what company were you associated and did you like it? I had previously found a company, but upon entering my zip code, was not able to participate. Guess there were no opportunities in my area. Of concern to me is whether or not these companies are legit and how to really tell. These days things on-line ar not always as they appear, as we all well know!

TA for now! =]

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