Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Books... Am I ready to give up the feel of paper in my hands?

My 12 year old son announced a few months ago that he wishes to receive an Amazon.com Kindle e-Reader for his birthday. Since his birthday is not until July, I decided I was not in too big of a hurry to worry on that request, not to mention that there are 3 girls with birthdays ahead of his, one already happened and 2 still to come. The birthday budget is $100 for each kid, with allowances made on an as needed basis.

So, I went to the overlord Google and requested data on the various e-Readers out there. The comparison's and the reviews seem to make the choice of the Kindle a no-brainer. I also ask people I know who have e-Readers, (I find this out when they talk about it on the FaceBook.) So far all the people I have talked to about this have the Kindle. Not a one with another e-Reader, thus far. This must mean that the Kindle is abso-fucking-lutely amazing!

I was fairly pleased to learn that one can download the Kindle software to a PC and use it without the costly e-Reader. My dilemma is whether I should go ahead and get my son the reader for his birthday OR should I order his selection of e-books to use on the laptop, so he will actually have something to read on the Kindle when he gets one. After all, Christmas would be a 5 month wait for e-books to actually use it and he is an avid (possibly rabid?) reader, just like his MOMMA! I lean towards the latter option and he has said that while the laptop would be cumbersome, he would be amenable to the idea -- temporarily anyway.

For myself, I am now in a conundrum. The fact that I am fast running out of room for books has reared its ugly head, once again. Once again, you say? Well, uhm, YES! You see in 1998, we moved into our new house and there was a stack of boxes packed with books that nearly filled the entire basement storage room. Hubster built a fantastarific shelf system for me and I crammed them all on there. They held up great, but we quickly discovered we needed some of the shelf space for other storage as well. Thus I was forced to thin out my books. The local church-run thrift shop was the recipient of untold numbers of my books which they sold, along with all the other masses of donations from generous folks, to buy clothes for poor children. That was the only easy part about giving up some of my books. It was like handing over my life  to someone else who then split it into a gazillion little pieces! In the end I had halved my collection, but being a book addict you know that I was also adding new ones to it the whole time... Counterproductive? Yes!

In 2002 we remodeled our basement and finished off the storage area, dividing it into 2 rooms. My laundry and storage in one room and my library in the other. Since my library area shrank significantly, I had to purge again. This was no easier the second time than it was the first time! 2006 rolled around and we moved 800 miles west to IL. I took all my books with me, but when we moved into our new house, it became apparent that I needed to purge yet again. (Are you seeing the 4 year pattern yet?) Well let me tell you this has become extremely difficult and I am horrified to notice that my shelves are sagging and while I have squeeked past the 4 year mark this time... the deck is apparently stacked against me.

The problem for me is that I love the feel of the paper and the weight of the book. Turning the page? Well, there is just nothing quite like it, especially when the book is suspenseful! So I must now decide whether I can give up buying books in the tangible format and convert to the obviously more ecologically friendly e-format. OOOOHHHH, but this is gonna be HARD!!!!

Do you have an e-reader? What kind, how and why do you like it? What do you dislike about it and why? Are you okay with the lack of a physical book? Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Momma C, I LOVE holding a book! I love the smell, the feel, just like you and I won't give it up! But I will share it with a friend when I don't have enough room on my bookshelf...which I'm sharing quite a lot lately... LOL xoxo

  2. Book sharing I love to do also! People just don't borrow enough at a time!!! LOL!

    I am glad to know I am not the only one who doesn't want to let go of the paper!

  3. I was worried I'd feel that way, too. But, I'm a Kindle convert. I carry six or more books with me and love how easy it is to read in bed. DO IT!!!!!!