Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogger issues

Surely many of you are aware that Blogger was all messed up last week. WELL, I am still missing a few of my comments and half my Vino page is gone. The vino page is the worst part, because I spent A LOT of time working on that since it was a brand new page, and because blogger may have been having issues while I was doing it, I have no idea if it is a total loss or not. I read in the help section that they have fixed things, BUT I also read in the comments that many of us are not back to where we were. I hope they get us all sorted out soon! Have any of you gotten your stuff back?

Anyway, I have been so busy painting the house that I have hardly had time to blog in any form. I am so happy to have COLOR in my house. When we moved in a few years back, it was ALL painted the same basic beige, BUT it was just done, and I had other things to work on, so I let it go. 4 years hence and I finally had enough! Poor Hubster has really been a trooper getting paint chips shoved under his nose. He knows it is all a farce. I pretend to let him have a say and then I paint whatever color I want. Kinda like naming our beastly children! LOL!


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  2. Well Hello my dear MC! Those people behind Blogger really need a good swat on the rump as they completely had their way with us and unfortunately it wasn't even pleasurable! I too have comments missing, hoping you get your vino page back in order.

    Who is this Steve guy above my head? Seems he's barking up the wrong tree... See you when I get back! xoxo

  3. Afternoon OC!! They really have rode hard and put away wet quite a lot of us... I must say, you are absolutely right, it was most definitely NOT pleasurable!

    Cannot say where our man Steve came from. He is definitely barking up the wrong tree here, but given the latest blogger issues, maybe he will pray on it and get us some results! :-)

    Safe travels AND thanks for fillin my coffee mug before you went!

  4. Today I finally have my missing comments back! Took a long time since there were only 2 missing compared to many other blogs. However, I STILL am missing the rest of my vino page. GRRRRRR! I hope it shows up soon, as I REALLY dread spend another couple hours re-doing what I already did before!


    If you are still missing information from your blog, there is a form that you can send to describe your issues stemming from the 5/14 debacle. Hopefully it will help get things that are still missing restored... Copy the link above to use the form.

  6. So that's what happened with blogger while I was away. I picked the right time to be off-line :)

  7. #1 ...i am NOT a beastly child...
    #2 ...i was dragged around to look at paint chips as well thanks! :]

    but all in all i am also excited to finally have color in the hizzouse.

  8. See? Snarky tone... She is TOTALLY BEASTLY! However, she did do much in helping to select paint, so she can have a kudo for that! LOL