Sunday, April 17, 2011

What to Blog, what to blog...

I always have TONS of crap rolling around in my head, but often when I sit down to say something on this here blog-o-mine, I go BLANK! If you know me, you know that me and not having something to say are not often in the same thought process! I asked the Hubster the other day if he had any thoughts on blog topics, but rather than share his ideas, he sent me links to the ideas of other bloggers about what to blog about. After bumbling through the blogosphere, I have encountered commentary from others on the same problem, thus I decided to post the links that Hubster gave me. Maybe these will prove useful to some, any, all or none of us, but it is worth a try!

30 Blog Topic Ideas For April by Rafael

50 Personal Blog Posting Ideas by PinayWifeSpeaks

Tonight I was poking around on Blog Frog and came across another post of interest as well.
56 Places To List Your Website Or Blog For Free by Theresa Sheridan Designs

Let me know if you find anything useful OR if you decide to use any of the ideas & I will come check it out.


  1. Ha! I was JUST sitting here thinking the same thing. I was hoping that maybe I could take this time to pre-write some of my blogs for this week, because I try my darndest to post once a day and I failed MISERABLY last week. Thanks for the links!

  2. These are all very helpful suggestions. Thanks so much for the links, and thanks for stopping by Nest Candy! :)