Saturday, April 2, 2011

Skinny Girl Margarita

Recently I read a blog review of Skinny Girl Margarita. The review was so hyped with positivity that there was nothing I could do to avoid buying some to try. I mean really, I felt no less than OBLIGATED!

WELL, let me tell you... It was DISGUSTING! Kerosene would taste better. This was so disappointing to me, because I LOVE a good Margarita. When I read a review that glowing, just so neon it makes me want it like I wanted my husband way back when we were trying to make a baby, I am seriously expecting some good ass shit!

All I can say is that I am glad we also bought some of the Margarita we know and love at the same time... JUST IN CASE, because Skinny Girl was sooo very bad that we could not even fake our way through it!

Just my opinion of course, but whooo doggy that was some kinda NARSTY!


  1. Never trust a glowing review! Popped over to say thank you for reading, commenting and following my blog. I am delighted you did and I hope you enjoy your visits. I love your background on this blog. Is it a photograph you have taken? I've had a good snoop about while your back was turned and really enjoyed being here. I've signed up to follow you and will be back for some more. Do you think you could fix me a margarita for my next visit?
    Warm wishes from a soggy wet UK

  2. I love a person who tells it like it is.
    Love your post and following you back!

  3. WELCOME LADIES! Thanks for coming by! We had to have a re-run of Margarita night tonight, ya know... since they were sooooo BAD last night. Tonights were AWESOME (YAY Cuervo;-) SO, ANYTIME you feel the need for a YUMMY Margarita, the "ville is open and we only serve the good stuff here!

  4. Found this post via a comment you left on Scary Mommy, and not a minute too soon. I was heading out to buy some SkinnyGirl this evening.

    Thanks for the warning!

  5. Glad you found it! Thanks for stopping by!

    That stuff really was super awful!

  6. Anything called "skinny girl" sounds too scarey to try for me! lol

  7. Just my opinion - but as I am American, and my Husband is English, we have had many situations where we discovered things were vastly different between our 2 cultures. I love a good Margarita, but it isn't made the same way here. I have yet to try it- so in fairness I can not comment on the flavor, but Personally - I think your comments are rather bitchy; Since that is the M.O. Here are my two cents: These drinks were originally created for those of us who are calorie conscious, and you don't look to be.... So that could explain your dislike of it! Still looking forward to tasting some Skinny-Girl MMMMMMMMMMM :P

  8. Well Glam... I tried it and I related my experience exactly as I felt it was. I put my thoughts and opinions on my blog and that is all it is.

    Reading more into it, such as whether I am or am not calorie conscious is a sad thing on your part, because MY PERSONAL health issues are significant in my appearance.

    You don't have to like my opinion -- and that is all it is, MY OPINION. I will say that I would never go to your blog and take a pot-shot at you and yet here you are on mine doing just that to me. Speak to what you know and not to what you think, especially when you DON'T have all the information.

    You have not tried it, therefore you have no idea and no reason to comment. However, being true to my blog, I posted your comment anyway, even though my spam filter snagged it out of the queue.

  9. Glamazahn, why do you feel the need to post mean things about other people on their blog? It seems to me you have some issues with yourself considering your fake appearance and your rudeness.

    I would rather not have a drink that tastes like vomit just cause of it's low calories. But hey, some people like to make themselves vomit just because they think it'll help them look "Glam"

    Sorry, I was just looking through reviews to see what others think out of curiosity. I had never tried it myself and was glad I got the warning! Most others agree that it was awful, so you're clearly not the only one :P

  10. I tried it last week and was really disappointed! It was too tart, might be remedied by adding a shot of Grand Marnier, but really, not worth the money!

  11. Thanks for droppin in and leaving your thoughts. I appreciate your comments, especially those that "have my back" so to speak! Hope you'll come back by again!

  12. I was looking forward to a low cal margarita, but I would rather drink nail polish remover than this Skinnygirl crap, and shame on them for trying to sell this disgusting concoction with the idea it's great cuz its low cal.

  13. I too was hoping for a tasty low cal margarita when I tried it. I have since tried some other brands that have copied the low cal idea and they are no better!

    They are all severely lacking in the most important category: FLAVOR!!!

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts!

  14. Have to say that I sadly agree. I was TOTALLY looking forward to Skinny Girl coming to Canada!! I love Bethanny but girl..dang...I tried..I mean it..I did!!! I bought TWO bottles I was soo excited about it (you can thank me later B) I had to add lime juice because it has a "soapy" taste to it that needed to be CUT quick like. Maybe it's just better when you make it at home with the liquors but I have to say I will not be running out to buy more. Sorry B- love you, your hubby and your adorable girlie but your drink? ..not soo much.