Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've got things to do, BUT...

Instead of doing them I am sitting here at the laptop, drinking my coffee and trying to find an iota of give-a-crap to get me moving. I suppose I am making excuses for not cleaning house, which I TOTALLY need to do before we have our Spring Fling cookout on Saturday.

I think I am just plain exhausted from the weekend. We did some necessary spring yard clean-up , dug up a pipe buried about 3-4 feet under heavy mud AND hauled our chainsaw over to the tornado house to chunk up the downed tree limbs. When we arrived , the homeowners were picking away at the enormous debris pile left by their roof in the neighboring yards. Needless to say we joined in and not long after that there were a good dozen of us volunteers out there hauling roofing, trusses, guttering and soaking wet drywall. It was a lot of hard work, BUT it was a great feeling of community. I think our friends were a bit overwhelmed -- yet again -- by the fact that we all just pitched in unasked.Yesterday, Hubster took off work for some Doctor appointments in the morning. When we got home, we went back and helped load more debris into the new dumpster. I am so sore now, but it is a good sore -- at least that is the line Hubster and I are feeding each other! HAHA! =]

Sooooo, while I am not feeling much inclined to get a move on, I am not feeling too guilty about it either. No worries, I will feel the guilt when I am racing like a mad woman to get the house sorted before Saturday!

In the meantime, I think I might grab a book and hit the hot tub, before the rain comes!

Hope you have a great and productive day!

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  1. Hi there. Stopping by from Fab Friends Thursday. I am so with you on these kinds of days...(every single morning!!) Hope you were able to get done what you needed to do last week :D