Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I love music! I generally prefer listening to music to anything else... other than the sound of the ocean. My tastes run from Classic Rock to 80's to Classical to Folk. Some of the current top 40 is alright, but lately much of the new music seems so fake to me. Does that make sense?

Quoting an old song... I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool... Back in my youth, I had myself a redneckular boyfriend... (You know J from a previous post.) Anyway, I already liked Alabama, but otherwise I was not a big country music girl. Needless to say and much to my Mother's chagrin, I became a Country Music Lovin' Bumpkin for our tumultuous 4 years. After which I could hardly stand to hear it and in fact avoided it like the plague for years. When my daughter, KC, was in 1st grade, she made besties with Chey, who was 100% Country girl. So, country was reintroduced to my life without me having much to say about it. Boy that was a toughie to adjust to!

Anyway, KC went off to college this year and I reprogrammed the house stereo so that the country music channels were NOT at the front of the pre-set list, in spite of their low channel numbers! I don't hate Country music by any stretch. In fact I like plenty of it, but I needed a break. It was and is a really nice break... mostly. My husband, my love, my awesome man -- he was practically a country hater back in the day. He had no such stations preset on any of his music apparatus. We both think a lot alike and that has not changed much, but in the past couple years... he seems to be turning country and a bit more Republican than he used to be. It is a weird dynamic and it is fun to tease him about it! That said, he knows I am on a country hiatus for the most part these days and yet when we get in the car the radio is nearly always left on a country channel. If I change it he changes it back as soon as a commercial break or a song he does not like/know comes on. I think mebbe he is funnin' with me... eh?

So, all this really was a sideways way of getting to the point of this post. I have seen on other blogs that they have music players on them. I was thinking I like that idea A LOT! Unfortunately, when I tried to think of what I would like to hear in a playlist... I WENT BLANK! This is where I need you, dear readers to PLEASE, make some suggestions for me. I want a good playlist with lots of variety. The only caveat is NO Michael Jackson. Please. I am just not a big fan. There are maybe one or two of his songs out there that I enjoy, but generally his music just does not appeal to me.

Happy, Sad, Fun, New, Old, Fast, Slow, maybe just a little dirty, but not lewd or crude -- let's see what we can come up with!

Some of the artists I have conjured up while typing this: (My Classic Rock bent is showing big time!)

Black Eyed Peas
Fleetwood Mac
Elton John
Billy Joel
Luther VanDross
Dixie Chicks

A Facebook convo while writing this has netted me the following suggestions I copied from the chat box. Not sure how I feel about them all, but they are ideas nonetheless, right?

Sweet Caroline
(I love this song!)
Love and Marriage (Frank Sinatra)
butterfly kisses
on the road again? (willie nelson)
they come to america (neil diamond)
the macarena
bittersweet symphony
Gangsta's paradise
will smith
welcome to miami
can't touch this


  1. Hi Momma, suggestions as follows;
    Muse, Coldplay, The Killers. I like your new blog look, snazzy :)

  2. I think you'll like this song.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FQO1fj1MJU

    I love this one!

    Annah that was pretty good. I have not heard of him before. THANKS!

    Joe: I don't know Muse, so please tell me which ones to check out. Coldplay I love. I know only a couple of The Killers songs, BUT I do Like Mr. Brightside. Any preferences there?

    Thank you! The hospital candy striper look was soooo NOT me! lol! I was trying to make my blog using my own photo, but it was not coming out right. So.... I caved in and found a premade blog skin that was similar -- though my own pic is way better I.M.O. ;-)