Thursday, January 27, 2011

How does your mate do when you are sick and vise-versa...

I was reading a post on a blog I follow this morning. I found it humorous, as her posts usually are, but also it got me thinking. Have a good read here to see what I am on about...

Right off the bat, I will admit that I am a TERRIBLE patient. I like to be molly-coddled and can be pouty if it does not happen. I do not like competition when I am sick either. So, when The Sassy Curmudgeon brought up the topic struck a chord.

Hubster is a great guy. He is self managing when he is sick and if we are sick together, he still manages to also take care of me. Surely I must seem like a complete cretin, but I blame my parents. While they were certainly not perfect, my parents -- dad in particular -- did do well with the whole caring for the sick when I was a kid. I know I barfed on my Dad numerous times before he moved out, and never once got in trouble with that otherwise quick to punish man.

I am not much of a caretaker. I am so grossed out by vomit, it is all I can do not to add my own to it. KC and T used to have a really bad habit of not getting to the bathroom, or even the trash can next to the bed for that matter, when they were younger. Needless to say, that led to us removing carpet from their bedrooms when KC was 10ish, in the old house. We were close to doing that in T's room here a year or so ago, but he's since managed to figure out how to find the can, of either variety. E and C really have never had this problem. They are somehow wired to get to the bathroom in sufficient time, for which I am forever grateful!

I am ever so humbled to have such a wonderful Hubster. After all, how many men are good caretakers? M has his faults for sure, but really -- who doesn't?? He has come a long way in 17 years and so have I. Last week M, C and I were whacked solidly by the good old fashioned traditional influenza. Cam was a trooper and we all muddled through with her, until it hit me. Then I became my usual wussy-sissy-whiny self. My kids know enough to stay away and M, good man that he is, put it in high gear and made us both feel better -- even when he got it too. He never got the fever, and his overall flu was not quite as bad, which he attributes to his free flu shot at work. I never get one. They nearly never get the mix right and really, your body really does need to know how to fight sickness. Besides, I will take sick over being stuck almost every time. I HATE NEEDLES!!!

I hope you all stay healthy and that you have a good caretaker if you don't, but most of all I hope that you are a better caretaker than I. I will say here that I will work on that, but realistically, I know I will probably not improve much on this front. Many heartfelt thanks to Hubster for being the man he is and for loving me in spite if myself! Love you like crazy M!

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  1. And women often go on about "man flu"? Nice one "Hubster" show 'em what we men are capable of :)