Friday, January 28, 2011

MEAN parents

The FB feed of a local radio station brought up the topic of being a "MEAN" parent. The reality is that far to few parents take the time anymore. We are all so scheduled down to the second every day that we often miss the important stuff! My Mom was not my friend, she always said it was not my right that she be my friend only that she be my Mom, which was much more important. This same woman, who was tough on me, often thinks I am too tough on my kids! What a hoot that is to me. Nowadays, and really this is true for each new generation, you need to be even tougher! There are more and bigger obstacles in the world to navigate all the time. If not me, then who will prepare my kids for those and all the new things that will certainly come down the road when it is their turn to be MEAN? The hardest lesson learned as a parent is the one that reminds you regularly that being a parent is not easy and it really is a job that you have to work at and grow with your kids doing it every single day. You cannot quit and you cannot get fired, there are no sick days and no vacation days, the pay sucks but the benefits are endless!

I was kind of hoping her post would generate much more conversation, but maybe it was the wrong time of night for that. Anyway, using a quote that has been floating around for a while the dj posted the following:

103.3 KLOU My parents were MEAN to me when I was a kid. They made me do chores, go to church & school. They gave me a curfew, suggested I get a job and work for the things that I wanted. They insisted that I do my best at school, at my job; to take pride in my work. I grew up with morals, a good work ethic; respect for the law,... and my elders. I thank God everyday for my MEAN parents. Copy and paste if you agree!!

    • 103.3 KLOU I'm going through a situation right now where I'm not feeling very nice, but in my heart I know I'm doing the right thing.

      Yesterday at 3:31pm · 

    • Me: My parents were MEAN!! and now, I am MEAN too! =]
      Yesterday at 3:35pm ·  · 1 person

    • 103.3 KLOU: You don't appreciate it until you are a parent, Trisch.

      Yesterday at 3:48pm · · 2 people

    • Leslie: I have always loved reading this! And now that my son is 22, I can appreciate my "mean" parents because I raised him from the same blue print, and all of his life, I got nothing but compliments for raising him the right way!! Yesterday he recieved a promotion on his job after only 8 months...his bosses and the elderly loves him!! But you must start when they are little and be consistant. The pay off in the end is the reward!
      Yesterday at 4:54pm ·  · 

    • Me: You are very right about that! My daughter is in college but we had a really hard time making it through High School... Do what ya gotta do and don't look back. =]
      23 hours ago · 

    • 103.3 KLOU: I told my daughter that I wanted to be her friend as well as her mother, but that if there was a situation where I could only be one of them, I'd always be the Mom first. I'm the only one she's got, so I have to be that for her.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music on my blog? Not yet...

Well, I have just been lame and haven't gotten around to doing anything with adding the player to the blog yet. I suppose I will eventually. I think I would have more incentive if I had more followers. I haven't really been posting much and I have not had much to bitch about lately either...

How does your mate do when you are sick and vise-versa...

I was reading a post on a blog I follow this morning. I found it humorous, as her posts usually are, but also it got me thinking. Have a good read here to see what I am on about...

Right off the bat, I will admit that I am a TERRIBLE patient. I like to be molly-coddled and can be pouty if it does not happen. I do not like competition when I am sick either. So, when The Sassy Curmudgeon brought up the topic struck a chord.

Hubster is a great guy. He is self managing when he is sick and if we are sick together, he still manages to also take care of me. Surely I must seem like a complete cretin, but I blame my parents. While they were certainly not perfect, my parents -- dad in particular -- did do well with the whole caring for the sick when I was a kid. I know I barfed on my Dad numerous times before he moved out, and never once got in trouble with that otherwise quick to punish man.

I am not much of a caretaker. I am so grossed out by vomit, it is all I can do not to add my own to it. KC and T used to have a really bad habit of not getting to the bathroom, or even the trash can next to the bed for that matter, when they were younger. Needless to say, that led to us removing carpet from their bedrooms when KC was 10ish, in the old house. We were close to doing that in T's room here a year or so ago, but he's since managed to figure out how to find the can, of either variety. E and C really have never had this problem. They are somehow wired to get to the bathroom in sufficient time, for which I am forever grateful!

I am ever so humbled to have such a wonderful Hubster. After all, how many men are good caretakers? M has his faults for sure, but really -- who doesn't?? He has come a long way in 17 years and so have I. Last week M, C and I were whacked solidly by the good old fashioned traditional influenza. Cam was a trooper and we all muddled through with her, until it hit me. Then I became my usual wussy-sissy-whiny self. My kids know enough to stay away and M, good man that he is, put it in high gear and made us both feel better -- even when he got it too. He never got the fever, and his overall flu was not quite as bad, which he attributes to his free flu shot at work. I never get one. They nearly never get the mix right and really, your body really does need to know how to fight sickness. Besides, I will take sick over being stuck almost every time. I HATE NEEDLES!!!

I hope you all stay healthy and that you have a good caretaker if you don't, but most of all I hope that you are a better caretaker than I. I will say here that I will work on that, but realistically, I know I will probably not improve much on this front. Many heartfelt thanks to Hubster for being the man he is and for loving me in spite if myself! Love you like crazy M!

I'd like to teach the world to sing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Need help deciding what to make for dinner?

Apparently a lot of us do...

What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinnner?

There is a Facebook page of the same name AND they sell all kinds of fucking stuff at the link above.
Kinda FUNNY and the posts on the FB are a hoot!

note: 1-14-2011 -- WTFSIMFD got a write up! read all about it!

I found a new cooking blog!

What a name -- I LOVE it!
I know I know, I have an interesting sense of humor, hahaha.

I browsed briefly through the recipes here and I had to "follow" this blog.
Just seems like a lot of yummy stuff will come from here.
Hope you enjoy this page -- in spite of it's title OR maybe because of it!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I love music! I generally prefer listening to music to anything else... other than the sound of the ocean. My tastes run from Classic Rock to 80's to Classical to Folk. Some of the current top 40 is alright, but lately much of the new music seems so fake to me. Does that make sense?

Quoting an old song... I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool... Back in my youth, I had myself a redneckular boyfriend... (You know J from a previous post.) Anyway, I already liked Alabama, but otherwise I was not a big country music girl. Needless to say and much to my Mother's chagrin, I became a Country Music Lovin' Bumpkin for our tumultuous 4 years. After which I could hardly stand to hear it and in fact avoided it like the plague for years. When my daughter, KC, was in 1st grade, she made besties with Chey, who was 100% Country girl. So, country was reintroduced to my life without me having much to say about it. Boy that was a toughie to adjust to!

Anyway, KC went off to college this year and I reprogrammed the house stereo so that the country music channels were NOT at the front of the pre-set list, in spite of their low channel numbers! I don't hate Country music by any stretch. In fact I like plenty of it, but I needed a break. It was and is a really nice break... mostly. My husband, my love, my awesome man -- he was practically a country hater back in the day. He had no such stations preset on any of his music apparatus. We both think a lot alike and that has not changed much, but in the past couple years... he seems to be turning country and a bit more Republican than he used to be. It is a weird dynamic and it is fun to tease him about it! That said, he knows I am on a country hiatus for the most part these days and yet when we get in the car the radio is nearly always left on a country channel. If I change it he changes it back as soon as a commercial break or a song he does not like/know comes on. I think mebbe he is funnin' with me... eh?

So, all this really was a sideways way of getting to the point of this post. I have seen on other blogs that they have music players on them. I was thinking I like that idea A LOT! Unfortunately, when I tried to think of what I would like to hear in a playlist... I WENT BLANK! This is where I need you, dear readers to PLEASE, make some suggestions for me. I want a good playlist with lots of variety. The only caveat is NO Michael Jackson. Please. I am just not a big fan. There are maybe one or two of his songs out there that I enjoy, but generally his music just does not appeal to me.

Happy, Sad, Fun, New, Old, Fast, Slow, maybe just a little dirty, but not lewd or crude -- let's see what we can come up with!

Some of the artists I have conjured up while typing this: (My Classic Rock bent is showing big time!)

Black Eyed Peas
Fleetwood Mac
Elton John
Billy Joel
Luther VanDross
Dixie Chicks

A Facebook convo while writing this has netted me the following suggestions I copied from the chat box. Not sure how I feel about them all, but they are ideas nonetheless, right?

Sweet Caroline
(I love this song!)
Love and Marriage (Frank Sinatra)
butterfly kisses
on the road again? (willie nelson)
they come to america (neil diamond)
the macarena
bittersweet symphony
Gangsta's paradise
will smith
welcome to miami
can't touch this

American Lion

So, I read American Lion, finally. I was curious about Jackson, because he was largely skipped over in my history classes. It seems we jumped from the revolution straight into the civil war and what was in between was apparently not exciting enough to teach...

This book gives just a glimmer of the complicated man who was Andrew Jackson. I said recently, and reiterate here, that I will be reading more about this former President. So much about him is complicated and even contradictory.

In his youth he received a head wound from British soldiers during the Revolution. Jackson was orphaned fairly young and largely fended for himself, yet kept his Mother's counsel in his heart. He later adopted a young white boy whom he and his wife, Rachel, named Andrew Jackson, Jr. His heart and soul were generous and giving to those in his family. He adored his nephew Andrew Jackson Donelson (also named for the Pres.) and his wife, Emily. These youngsters became his White House family when his wife died prior to taking office. They were given every opportunity because he loved them.

His heart was pained by a young orphaned Indian boy, so much so that he adopted him as well. Although, he was not necessarily given the same status as his white son, it is apparent that the boy was cared for -- maybe even loved. This same man who adopted a poor Indian orphan also was responsible for the most disgusting event in his Presidency and probably in our country's history, in my humble opinion -- The Trail of Tears. As a man who prided himself on honor, he somehow managed to determine that the Indians with whom our country had signed treaties with, were not worthy of our country's honor in abiding the agreements made in them. Because their "civilization" was not the same as or advanced as ours, they were nothing but savages. They were forced from their homes and far too many died on the trek west. These peoples were murdered, tortured and disrespected, which is really just not a strong enough word.

Andrew Jackson was fiercely loyal, maybe even to a fault. His cabinet member, John Eaton made a scandalous choice in his selection of a wife. She was considered by most in Washington to be a tainted woman. She was not socially accepted and therefore it complicated her husband's ability to gain political acceptance. Jackson stood by the Eaton's through serious cabinet and political disharmony, even to the point of breaking up his cabinet prior to the second term. His loyalty gained him nothing but discord in  both daily and political affairs, so to my way of thinking he really needed to put away his pride in favor of a decision that would better have served his cabinet, his people and the general harmony (is there such a thing in politics?) of the world in which he was entrenched. I believe the President must have felt a huge change -- for the better -- in the air around his White House after the Eaton's departed.

His most interesting achievement, I have to say, would be collapsing the Bank of the United States. Jackson believed quite strongly that the privately run bank was using the "People's money" to buy their own -- biased -- desired political preferences/results in Congress. To him this was unthinkable, because  the whole point of our country is that the President and Congress follow the will of the people. Of course, now we have Lobbyists and Special Interest groups doing much the same -- BUT I would think/hope they are using private monies to accomplish their pay-offs as opposed to the funds raised to run the government, though I would not be surprised one bit if  this were happening!

Anyway, it was quite a good read. Very informative and I quite look forward to reading more about this complicated man.

Currently I have gone back in the direction of the Eat Pray Love vein with a book by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Anne Kidd Taylor called Traveling With Pomegranates. So far early in the book it is a good read and I look forward to seeing how mother and daughter re-connect through their travels. Sue wrote The Secret Life of Bees, which is a wonderful read and The Mermaid Chair, which was good, but nowhere equal to Bees in my opinion. I know she has a couple others out there and I hope to get my hands on them sometime as well.

Up next or should I say in the not too distant future? Well, I received 2 large tomes for Christmas. One about Gen. Grant and the other about Gen. Lee. Each is nearly 2 inches thick, so they will certainly be some serious reading. I think I will need to enjoy some fluff books to prepare for them first!