Monday, December 20, 2010

Yet another deranged terrorist act...

What a crying shame that these people cannot seem to think for themselves enough to rationalize the reality of their actions. All those "virgins" waiting in heaven is a ridiculous reason for these radical/extremist men to die! After all they cannot be ETERNALLY VIRGINS -- it defies the definition! They'll plow through those virgins in no time and THEN WHAT? What of their worldly wives? Children? Wouldn't it be amazing if one of these idiots could come back afterwards and tell the rest that there is NOT the payment in heaven they expect. Then maybe all this would dramatically subside... BUT that is NOT realistic thinking and sadly we are now in a world controlled by fear-mongers and apparently insatiably horny men!


  1. I agree Momma, and as i mentioned in one of my posts, 40 virgins? what about the women martyrs? what's in it for them? Nothing, I guess,same as for those deluded men who give up their miserable lives for a myth.

  2. If I ever get to England, we need to meet over a fabulous bottle of wine and some damned good common sense!!!