Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Holidays are coming!! ... The Holidays are coming!!

The Holidays are coming!! Are you ready? I am --- NOT, but I can finally say -- almost. Especially now that my annoying 18 year old (Love you baby! ;-) has finally come to 'round some sensible thinking! You see, just like my brother #1 00used to (and probably still does...), she has the name brand bug up her butt! The name of the brand in question, THIS TIME, is UGG's. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ugg's are kinda ugly and probably very warm, which I think is their purpose. Ugg's are also VERY EXPENSIVE, even on sale! These days, we live on a budget and things we buy have to make sense within that guideline. The holiday guideline is $100 per kid, and we don't count shipping and tax when applicable, so they don't lose out from that. Stepping out of the guideline is a big deal and generally needs to be for a good reason. So, when K asked for $140 boots and $100 clogs, I LAUGHED and said NO WAY! This made for an unhappy teenager to be sure!

We have just come to a compromise... She said she would be happy to just have the boots, and I said I was NOT HAPPY to pay $140 for boots even if she did not get clogs. SO... We have settled on a generic version of the ones she liked, which happened to be on Holiday sale for 50% off their regular price of $50! Thank you J.C. Penney's!! Score for me and I think for her as well. WHY you ask? Well -- with savings like that, we were able to find similar clogs of a name brand other than Ugg's, on sale for $37! Thank you !! So, for less than 1 pair of Ugg's clogs, she has 2 pair of warm fuzzy footwear AND $38 left on her Holiday budget for a few other goodies to boot. I have Old Navy coupons, so maybe she can score some more!

I am usually done shopping by Thanksgiving, totally decorated within a week after, have started baking and finished Christmas cards by the second week after. This leaves me time to wrap and label and make sure everything is ready for the Clause man's visit. This year has gone to HELL-in-a-HAND-BASKET! I had no real lists to speak of until two days ago! I have not felt the decorating spirit, because my partner in decorating has gone off to college and is not here to help and make it fun! We tried to take pix of the kids for the Christmas cards while she was here for Thanksgiving break, but they aren't quite right...SO they are not ready and hence the cards aren't either! I guess I will pre-write, stamp and address them all so when K gets home from school next week we can try taking the kids pix again. Then I will use my awesome CVS buy 50 get 25 free digital prints coupon to get them cheap and fast!

The baking has to start soon... Luckily K found out she will be done with finals and be home on Tuesday the 14th -- 2 days earlier than we expected. SOOOOO  I will soon have my baking buddy back and we can commence to arguing about what to use in the 7 layer cookies this year! LOL!

I am almost done decorating -- just one tree to go downstairs. By tomorrow, my shopping will be complete. According to, most if not all, my orders will arrive by the 17th. Wrapping can be done while kids are at school and I suppose in the end I will be all caught up...

The other big hitch in the season this year? Open House! Yep, we decided to invite the neighbors and the  gals from Wineax Wednesday's over for a party on the 18th. I need to get inspired! I have been combing the internet for some ideas and I now have a few. I love Krista's Kitchen food blog for ideas a lot, so when she recently posted Homemade Eggnog, I got excited to try it! Then I found a neat little web page called Finger Food Recipes which has a TON of great ideas and an entire section for holidays -- so, the Christmas party is looking better and better now!

SO... How's YOUR Holiday Prep coming along???

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