Monday, November 29, 2010

Obama freezing federal worker pay...

Can you say FUCK THIS SHIT!!!??? Cuz I can!

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My husband is a 25+ year Federal employee! The projected/proposed Cost of Living pay increases have been reduced/suppressed by Congress every year for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! The Clinton Admin. made every effort to equalize the pay of Fed. staff to the private sector, but Congress always finds a reason NOT to actually give the raises that would have done this, yet they always get their pay raises and fancy benefits. Why people believe that there is pay parity between the average Federal employee and his private sector equal is beyond me! By and large that is just NOT TRUE!

People who have had their unemployment benefits extended repeatedly, but are bitching that the Fed. Employees are paid and do nothing??? That is horse-shit and maybe JUST maybe -- they need to get off their fucking lazy asses and go find a job...even if they have to deliver pizza or serve at McD's etc... They could easily be considered to be MOOCHING money off the Fed. rather than making the real effort to do what they need  to do. Often in this economy, it is no different than the complaints made about welfare abuse.

I know people are all suffering and the reality is we are also. My husband works hard and brings home a decent paycheck. The agency he works at does not pay their staff under the Federal step/grade system. Raises have been almost non-existent since they switched to the pay-banding system, about 10 years ago. We have suffered through this for years and have come to realize that the piddly 1.7 1.9% COL is all we can expect to get. To take that away too is a gross error on the part of this administration and is a slap in the face of the people who are doing the every day grind for the Government.

There have got to be bigger and better ways to affect the improvement of our economy than hurting even more people. Across the board the entire Federal workforce that qualifies ought to be offered early retirement. There are thousands of programs that can or need to be cut out or reduced in favor of the economy. There are numerous places around the world that we have aided for years and years... These places either need to step up and take care of themselves or another country that has the ability needs to step in to fill our shoes. We should NOT be hand-holding others when we are in dire straits!

I am a stay at home Mom and have been since 1996. The reality is that we made a choice and that choice was for the greater good of our family. We have gone without and made sacrifices plenty over these many years in order to give our kids the upbringing that we feel they should have. This year my youngest child went to all day school and I could have gone out and found a job... BUT we believe that because we are used to the economic climate that we have lived within for so long, the benefit of any job which I might qualify for would be better saved for someone else who needs it far more than I do. DO NOT misunderstand me -- we are NOT wealthy by any means. We have a kid in college, a mortgage and all the associated bills that go with it. We go without many things when the times call for us to do so.

We have suffered right along with the rest of our country in this economy and in all honesty, I think that the  people who are taking pot-shots at the Federal workforce need to shut the fuck up and clean up in their own houses before attacking ours. The reality is we need every little tiny pay increase we get, because like ALL families, we have bills and needs and rely on that little tinny bit to help. 


  1. same over here Momma, the UK also gives lots in overseas aid that probably ends up in the private accounts of corrupt leaders, while we have to tighten our belts. Same old same old

  2. Most likely the stuff we give to these countries probably never made it past the government officials -- they probably keep/hoard it for themselves. Too much hand-holding and not enough of these countries being held accountable to their own peoples!