Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cash for Keys

The other day I say a news bite about lenders paying the residents of foreclosed homes to LEAVE the property AND not to trash it. I could not find the story on the web-site for my local news so I searched about it and found the links below.

I realize that losing your home FOR ANY REASON has go to be a heartbreaking experience for anyone. These financial times of hardship are not going away anytime soon. It took years to get here and it will take years to clean up the fall-out. So, I am full of sympathy for anyone who has ever experienced this awful thing that can destroy lives so quickly.

That said, regardless of the reason why one lost their home, they have no right to take it out on the bank by destroying the property and making it unsaleable. In doing so they are committing a crime, which I believe they should be held accountable for both via additional penalty on their credit AND legally by some form of jail time or community service. People are misdirecting their anger and then they are being allowed to get away with it to a large degree, because I believe they are getting too much sympathy. It seems that banks are coming to them and paying them (somewhere between $1000 and $5000) to leave the home they no longer have any legal right to reside in.

Folks can I just say that this has to be the DUMBEST FUCKING IDEA I have heard in a while??? I mean really! These people have no right to be there. Why are the banks no physically evicting them right away. Once they have totally lost right o ownership, the banks should have every right to remove these people, all their crap AND change the locks WITHOUT PAYING them. These people have already gone beyond reason and stayed where they should not be why are they being molly-coddled? If you do not hold people accountable, they certainly are not going to do so. If they destroy the property, ARREST them and charge them.

Foreclosure does not happen overnight. The process takes much longer than it ought to and gives the homeowner who has defaulted feel a false sense of entitlement to the property. They do not have to swallow their defeat like adults, rather they are treated like children who cannot do for themselves and must be handheld.

CUT THE CRAP! Streamline the process so that these folks have no choice but to face the situation right away and make arrangements. Do not allow them to get away with breaking the law.

At the same time, the rules for rental tenant eviction also need to be addressed. How on earth is it right that a renter has more rights than a property owner??? All these things add up to making the people who have lost their right to stake a claim feel they are justified in their anger. Sure be angry, but be proactive with respect to your future and set an admirable example to your kid. Make the best of a bad situation, not the worst and certainly do not make a bad situation worse by doing something to cause you to be less than a decent member of society.

YouTube - Cash for Keys: "Cash for Keys"

It is long past time for people to stand up and accept responsibility for themselves! We can never truly expect to prevail over this hardship our country is suffering of the current cycle is not broken.

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