Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My kid just wants to play...

OK, assuming anyone actually reads this damned blog, I may piss off someone here and that really is fine, because after all I am now pissed about the constant rejection paid to my 5 year old.

All she wants is to play with her friends. They are almost always outside playing with other neighbors, but when she asks she is shot down nearly every time. So, she comes back home forlorn and just sits and pouts. As an added bonus, with windows open or if she goes outside, she gets to listen to her friends playing with other kids and is really HURT by it every time.

How do you explain to a 5 year old that it is not her fault that this is happening to her. Supposedly there is no intent to hurt her, but if that is the case.... WHY????? Why is it OK for them to play with the other kids and not her? What is so special about the other kids? Especially since, as I understand it, they are a little too rowdy for their own good and cause LOTS of trouble!

I get the occasional call saying how they feel so badly and are so sorry they say no so often, and I am starting to feel as thought the calls are made only to make themselves feel better, but the kicker is... there is never any actual change in the circumstances. During one of these calls, I even said she was getting used to it -- "it" being getting shot down all the time. How sad is that??? So, now I am going to have to tell my daughter that she cannot go ask anymore, because I do not want to have to pick  up the pieces of her broken heart every day.

I have been trying to be nice about this, because I like the Mom. That said, I really should not be surprised, because as many times as she has made commitments to me to do stuff together, she nearly always comes up with a friend in need who apparently takes priority over any commitment she has made to me. For me, this is most difficult, because I know so few people here. I would look forward to the plans we made so when they go poof I am left with nothing. So, getting rejected repeatedly is to say nothing more than I don't count.

It is apparent that I am the problem here, as is my 5 year old. So, I will no longer be subjecting these fine people, who obviously don't really want us around, to myself or my daughter... Somehow it seems less painful for all involved, don't ya think?


  1. Apparently they don't know the true value of your friendship!!!!! They are the ones losing out, though that would be hard to explain to Little Miss. I wish I was the one setting the rules for the world! I teach my students, "You can't say, 'You can't play.'" They also know, "There's always room for one more." It totally sucks that this is happening, and I'm sorry. Miss you and love you. KTSW

  2. I wish it were the kids saying no, but sadly it is their Mommy..

  3. Then she truly is a female dog without the good sense God gave her.

  4. Then she truly is a female dog without the good sense God gave her.