Monday, September 27, 2010

More evidence that this country is going down the crapper!

'Sister Wives' Brings A Real-Life 'Big Love' Family To TLC - ABC News

I will say first that I do not have cable/satellite so I DID NOT watch this show. That said, I read a couple stories about it and can I just ask... WHAT THE FUCK? (That is twice today, in case you are counting...) So, this disgusting man and his morally challenged life is being given, not only attention but, airtime? For what may I ask? I mean these people need COUNSELING and INTERVENTION! These women are NUTS to put up with this crap and worse that they allow it for themselves and then their daughters tells me they cannot be playing with full decks! These people are supposedly Christians? Tell me why on earth this shit is allowed to be called religious? This is nothing less than a penis' excuse to fuck multiple holes at whim, without consequences. It is not much different than my previous post about that ridiculous company that will help you cheat in your marriage!

I SERIOUSLY HOPE that TLC comes back from the dark side. It is programming like this and that utterly ridiculous Jon and Kate plus 8 that has ruined that channel for me. I used to love their programming and now it is beyond comprehension what the powers that be at TLC are thinking. This and all the other shit offered on the rest of the pay tv channels is not worth the money they ask for. That is why we dumped our DirecTV and that is why there is little chance we will ever go back. Mind you, we are far from prissy, you may have noticed that I have a potty mouth. I just think that there is a limit to the stupidity and I reached it!


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  2. Momma, isn'f TLC also responsible for the "Toddlers and Tiaras" shit? Who on earth can be interested in that crap? There's me thinking (from across the pond) that the old red-neck saying "meet my wife and sister" was just a stereo-typical un-PC joke but obviously not. Christians? not surprising. Given air-time? That does surprise me! Legal? How can it be? Surely incest is illegal. It confirms what I have long believed that the USA is a land of contradictions where the best and worse of absolutely everything are always side-by-side.

  3. I believe you are correct about the Toddlers and Tiara's shit! I never even knew about it until I saw it on Charles' blog, (which is how I found you I think...) and I was thoroughly DISGUSTED! Yet another fine example of American garbage!

    You are totally on the mark -- it is contradictory here, and I don't see a change coming anytime soon. The weirdest part is we have all this over the top drivel on TV and then we have the extreme right wing Republicans that would sooner have us all assimilated by the Borg! (My Hubster better appreciate the Star Trek reference!!)

    We left the kingdom to escape oppression and now we are confused about the meaning of our freedom and unable to figure out what the limitation of said freedom should be. Alas, this may be the downfall of the good old USA...

  4. We pay for cable so that we can watch reruns of Gunsmoke and NCIS. Something is really wrong with this picture! All those TLC shows disgust me.