Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Jesus Family Tomb -- update

OK, so I have finished this book and I have to say... It is entirely plausible. Moreover, I think the authors, along with all their many colleagues and James Cameron, went to a significant amount of trouble to ensure authenticity of the work they were doing. Given that they documented the entire investigation from A to Z, and there are so many compelling pieces that maybe on their own are insignificant, but together are AMAZING to really consider.

I remember hearing about the Discovery Channel Documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, that went along with this book and never got a chance to see it on the air. I understand from this book that the program only aired once... Because the religious community got their knickers in a twist WITHOUT even SEEING it FIRST! Shocking? NO! Typical? YES! They did the same with The Last Temptation of Christ (which I have seen several times) and Passion of the Christ (which I want to see, but have not gotten around to yet) and who knows how many other books, movies etc... I may have to get the DVD because I would be interested to see the investigation sequences, the artifacts and the places, visually, as the photos in the book are not doing justice to what they speak of.

Authors official web page: Jesus Family Tomb

I know, I know... I was supposed to be reading American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House and I WILL, BUT since I am distracted by this whole Jesus' Tomb thing, there is another book I am going to read first The Jesus Dynasty: The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity SO... I WILL get to Pres. Jackson... soon!


  1. Hey Momma C, I caught your post on a Google Search! This is James Tabor. I am glad you are reading the Tomb book. I wonder if you read the paperback, which was revised and improved over the hardcover? The DVD you can also get, so I highly recommend. Wish you best in your continued reading--and there is more to come!

    Prof. James D. Tabor
    UNC Charlotte

  2. Hello Prof. Tabor! Thank you for taking a moment to stop here! I did read the revised edition with your thoughts added in. I am hardly educated in the field of religion, BUT I was very interested in the book. It was presented in such a way that someone without the technical background could read and understand very clearly. I look forward to reading your book next, and I am intrigued to find out what more there is to come!
    Thanks again!
    Trisch Cronin