Friday, September 17, 2010

The Jesus Family Tomb / The Jesus Dynasty

OK, I have begun The Jesus Dynasty: The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family and the birth of Christianity and it is quite an interesting read so far through chapter 7. I am going to have to refer back to my copy of The Jesus Family Tomb. Just from reading the Preface and Introduction sections, I am a bit confuzzled. I feel as though both books lay some sort of claim to connecting the dots with respect to the Talpiot Ossuaries.
1) A British film crew in 1995 via IAA curator Baruk Brendel. The 1995 discovery was followed by the 1996 official IAA report by Dr. Kloner, which apparently resulted in a media holycrapapalooza, in the James Tabor book.
2) Simcha Jacobovici in 2003 by being shown these ossuaries in the IAA storage facility by Dr. Kloner, in his book. I recall no mention of the 1996 hoopla, just that Dr. Kloner submitted his report, in Simcha's book.
Both versions of discovery seem to be accidental by way of their alternate investigations. SO, now I must go re-read to be certain I have read this correctly, BUT if I have -- how will I ever get clarity on who actually connected these dots and when???

I am curious why Dr. Kloner took 16 years to submit a report on the Talpiot Tomb and it's contents. Regardless of the cluster of names, one would think that an official Government agency would require these reports to be made somewhat faster than that. It comes to mind that there may have been a Governmental push for an official report to shut up the media and take the wind from the sails of a possible Jesus Family connection.

In my life I have chosen to ignore most religious books, because as with my Bible reading as a kid in Catholic school and what history I was taught, NOTHING ever made sense. So much was contradictory to the other information we were taught in school with respect to history and proof etc... Worse than that, in Catholic school, if you ASK QUESTIONS that they CANNOT ANSWER you get in TROUBLE and are labeled as a TROUBLEMAKER for not understanding and wanting clarification. I was told in the 7th grade that I had no right to ask questions only to accept that I was being told the truth. What on earth makes people think that a person will blindly accept such a dictate? OH WAIT the Catholic church does it every day... Blind faith... HAH! That right there is what is MOST wrong with the world today.

ANYWAY, we'll see how the reading goes. I am excited that I am reading what seems more like deductive reasoning from available history, than whatever altered versions of truth are available in the Bible. For the record, I read the Bible from bookend to bookend twice when I was 13 and 14. During this time when my parents were early in their hideously long drawn out divorce, I was grasping for some sort of stability and got nothing but questions for my efforts the first time through and even more questions the second time through -- with no answers as usual.

I should have been a history major... Oh well... If I had taken that path I would not have all these wacky, wonderful, pain in the ass, adorable kids.

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