Friday, September 10, 2010

Dumb-Ass Kids...

Yeah you read it right, but the best part is I am not kid bashing anyone else's kids, though there are a few I would REALLY like to gripe about... You see I am about to BITCH about my very own sweet, wonderful, adorable, sassy off-spring!

Just what does it take to get a child to actually believe that:
1) your parents are always on your side.
2) you do HAVE to listen to your parents and if you ever bothered to do so, you may find they are not as FUCKING STUPID as you would like the world to believe.
3) the people you are SUPPOSED to turn to when you have unresolved issues, feelings, problems and/or emergencies are you PARENTS!!!
4) your parents deserve, and quite frankly have earned, the right to be treated with decency and respect -- WHICH MEANS: they DO NOT hear important stuff on FUCKING FACEBOOK or DAYS later than they should have been told something SERIOUS!
5) no matter how smart or stupid you act, how big or small you screw up or how much you do right in the world, you will always be our BABY and we will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!
So... JUST DEAL WITH IT DAMMIT! After all, someday, we will be dead and that is not the time for you to realize that "OH, SHIT... I need those people now!"

The thing is, right about now, if my parents had anything to say on this topic they would both give some crappy ass line about me and just desserts. Screw that SHIT! YES, I was a royal FUCK-UP as a kid, but after a while the novelty/cuteness/amusement of the parental HAHA runs out. I mean really can we move on to some USEFUL stuff, instead of beating the dead horse??? Once my Mother-in-Law told me I had no right to BITCH about my kids and the struggle I was going through, because she had 6 kids and I have no clue what it is to earn the right to BITCH! Can you believe the nerve? I mean she raised kids when they could actually go PLAY and you could be reasonably sure that if they did something stupid, you would hear in about 15 seconds by phone and any number of tattle tales! In our world of kid raising, things have changed DRAMATICALLY just since my oldest was born. I mean the Internet has gone waaaaaaay beyond anything that was available to us back then. The whole big bad world is in your face EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY 24/7! There is no escape unless you think the Amish will adopt you and even then you will be miserable, because then you will really have no life! (NO, I am not Amish bashing! They are just such a very simplistic and secluded group of people that I just do not believe someone in our world would last long in  their's. 30-40 years ago I would have thought that, yes, you certainly could immerse yourself in that culture and survive it, because what the world was to us every day, even every minute, back then was extremely different...)

You cannot know what it is to be a parent until you become one. I have brothers who used to think otherwise, maybe they still think that, but now one is a parent, so I would bet he has changed his tune. Realistically, until you become 100% responsible for the 100% well-being and daily existence of a child, there is NO FUCKING WAY you will EVER get it. This is human nature/nurture. In parenting a child/children, you will never experience in any other relationship the same emotions -- which can be both love and hate, adoration and disgust, sheer joy and overwhelming rage. We feel many of these things on a different level in our love lives and in our friendships, with our families and our jobs, but with our kids it is extremely different and gripping emotions.

We are trying very hard to teach all our kids to love each other and themselves. Hubster and I are constantly faced with the never ending pile of garbage that spews forth from the kids, and we know it is part of the territory. Still, I know we would be overjoyed for one of these cute little monsters actually gave a crap and listened to -- better yet, heeded -- something we said to them. As parents, we say A LOT,  how can these kids be shown to decipher the most important things with all the noise in their lives? They can barely hear themselves think minute to minute, so what can you do to get them to hear? All this being true, my kids were not "getting" it even before the "din" they live in now.


  1. Oh the joys of parenthood! Seems you face the same challenges in Illinois as I do in the UK.

  2. So, basically Joe, you are saying the grass in not necessarily greener on the other side of the pond??? DAMN, and I was hoping to escape!

  3. That's rightMomma, we have our fair share of problems.The western world has merged into one entity. Not necessarily a bad thing.