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10 Ways Republicans Lie by John Sammon Sammonsays

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10 Ways Republicans Lie

by John Sammon

The GOP, the Grand Ole' Phony, the party of lies and liars, has perfected the twisting of facts to a new high art form. 

Republicans used to be somewhat decent and reasonable people, for example Nelson Rockefeller. That was before the advent of Ronald Ray Gun and the headlong decent into reactionary dogma, zealotry, quasi pseudo-religious-political nuts, Rush, Sarah, Glenn, Ann, Sean and the rest who are currently making the party a fringe lunatic club. 

In any event, to be a Republican, you have to lie, and believe in lies. You have to be the kind of person unwilling to believe the truth, but to believe what you want to believe. Or the kind of person who wouldn't pay their rent who my former landlord used to say, "You can't deal with people like that." 

Here are 10 principle ways Republicans lie. 

1. Republicans don't believe in history. How could they? To them, everything bad about the country happened on the one-year watch of Obama. Nothing bad happened before that, during the eight years of Bush. There was no previous history before Obama. Whatever Bush did wrong, it wasn't wrong, or it didn't happen. The American people, who gave Bush a 19 percent approval rating, knew better. 

2. Republicans use the same crowd mentality the Nazis in Germany did. You repeat a bald-face lie over and over. For example, Obama was born in Palestine. You repeat it again and again in spite of proof to the contrary. Some people will believe it. Republicans believe in throwing figurative spaghetti on the wall. Some of the slime will stick. 

3. Republicans love the fable they are for small government, despite the record-setting debt they piled up when they were in power, from conquering and nation building small impoverished countries at a cost of billions, wasteful over-kill weapons systems, loop-hole advantages for ruthless corporations, and farming American jobs overseas to take advantage of cheap labor. It's pretty simple. If it's a program to help poor Americans (health insurance) it's traitorous socialism. If it's a new bomb to help conquer and subdue and exploit a poor country, it's great. Both cost money. Republicans are big spenders who act like they're not. 

4. Republicans believe God is a Republican. This is fueled by the exclusionism that is a big part of the party subconscious. Just like I want to keep immigrants out except for boot blacks and melon pickers, I know God and you don't. You're going to hell. I'm not. God is my God, not yours. God looks like Charlton Heston. He likes me, not you. 

5. Use of tokens. Republicans are renowned for their long-held belief that women and blacks are inferior, and the use of high-profile tokens to hide it. This resulted in the barely tolerated Uncle Tom Michael Steele, the aborted misfire Bobby Jindal, and the moronic, winking (aren't I clever?) rouge queen Palin. 

6. Republicans are predictable. They constantly harp on how they are against government intrusion, but love wide open, laissez-faire, sky-is-the-limit-live-like-there's-no-tomorrow benefits-trickle-down-to-the-poor free market capitalism. Just as predictably, these markets running wild and unchecked, lying, cheating, stealing from investors and rate payers, eventually destroy the system, making government watchdog regulation necessary. 

7. Republicans preach patriotism like they do religion. They seldom serve in the military. Democrats in Congress have out-served Republicans almost two-to-one. Republicans love war. They just don't want to get their hands dirty fighting it. Most of the time, neither do their children. 

8. Republicans are angrier, more intolerant and prone to acts of disrespect and violence than Democrats, thus the unprecedented, disgraceful "you lie" shout made by Congressman Cretin Joe Wilson during an Obama speech. No Democrat on Capitol Hill ever yelled at Bush in eight years, though Bush did have a shoe thrown at his head by an angry Iraqi. 

9. The Republican Party is rudderless. Proof of this is that no office holder of stature leads. There is no Dwight Eisenhower. Mis-leadership is instead provided by radio pundits and nut-cases more interested in ratings than they are in the truth. 

10. Republicans can't adapt to changing conditions. A party that has traditionally been anti-immigrant, anti-low-income, anti-people-of-color, will find itself marginalized in a country where those categories are increasing. White Americans will make up half the population by mid-century. A majority of the Republican Party in Congress are 60-year-old white men who were brought up as children in a time when blacks were considered nig.'ers and Mexicans spicks. Republicans will cling to the past and shrivel.Originally published on for John Sammon Saturday, January 09, 2010
Article Source: 10 Ways Republicans Lie 

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