Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today's post is NOT a bitch!
I had a really fun experience last night and thought I would share....

There is a winery in the next town, about 15 mins. from home. My neighbor had previously told me about some of the events she and her Hubster have been to over there, and had brought some wine and cheese over one night for us 4 to try. YUMMY! She called me the other night to ask me if I had any interest in going to the winery's ladies night with her. Apparently they do this once a month. There is usually a charity they donate to and some form of game to be played. You pay $5 to get in -- which includes a dinner, raffle ticket and a sample of a wine. They have a cash bar set up and many large tables -- seating about 10-12 each. The game last night was a form of BINGO, using the word WINES instead. The catch was that along with the letter and number, an item you might find in your purse is also called -- which you must have to X off the square on your card. When you reach 5 in a row, you are to jump up and yell WINEAUX at the top of your lungs. That was about the funniest thing I had seen in ages. I left my purse at home so I was largely out of the running, but fun was had anyway! As an added treat, we all got to taste and then submit an entry in a contest to name their new Strawberry Wine. The proceeds from this wine will be used locally to help fund many things related to fighting cancer and the American Cancer Society. I chose the name Tickle Pinkle, so we'll see what happens...

Before I went, I mentioned to a friend that we were going and asked how she liked it when she went before. Cynthia said it was a great time and showed up with a pile of pals. That was great for my neighbor and me -- as neither one of us knew anyone else there and were not sure how it was going to play out. It was a  good time with my neighbor, and I met a few fun folks as well. I look forward to going again -- maybe even next month! AND I look forward to getting to know my neighbor Laura better as well. YAY!

Wherever you are, check your local wineries to see what sort of events they have. The wineries I had been to back home all did festivals and the like through the nice weather months, but I don't remember anything like this. If you find something fun, share share share! We don't always have to be Bitchy here! =]

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