Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kindergarten, 5th grade, 7th grade and College Freshman

Well damn... Doesn't the  title tell you all you need to know? Either I am psycho or my Hubster was just too amazing to pass up no matter the consequences... HA HA!

Where should I start...? Our youngest started Kindergarten today. She got on that bus and did not look back, which made it hard to get the requisite picture for Grandma. We did get a wave and a grin as the bus reversed to get out of our cul-de-sac, but she was hardly paying any attention to us! That always hurts the most, because you think they are going to cry and beg you to protect them and keep them with you. The teacher said there might be a 2 week lag when all of a sudden the kids realize... this is all day every day... and there might be a meltdown. Unless this kid proves different than the other 3, there is not going to be a 2 week lag. She is moving on and I will just have to DEAL WITH IT!

My 5th grader is doing well already. She is always a teachers pet, because she is such a loving sweetie. She seems to be available and ready to help - always. So I expect with this teacher the same will happen. We already love this teacher. Our son had her 2 years ago and she really caught on to him right away. She recognized his needs and that was the first time a teacher had really done so and worked to make him feel valued since we moved here. So, Mrs. L-W is an angel to us! I know she will read my daughter and find her the right place in the order of things. That bodes well for the year.

My son is now in 7th grade. He is starting to seem like the boys do when they get to that cross-over stage in middle school. I watched my college daughter's friends advance through this, so while I am totally unprepared -- HAHA -- I am familiar with what it is I am seeing. My little man is not so little anymore and it is so hard to know he is moving to that next stage of independence, because he has always been the one that needed me the least of my crew.

My oldest is headed to college this weekend. My Hubster is taking her on the 4 hour trek to get her settled in. We would love to go as a family, but when there are so many of  us, it really costs a lot. 6 meals, 2 hotel rooms, and in this instance it would also mean 2 vehicles. That is just too outrageous to afford in these lean times. So, I will be sad to miss out on her maiden voyage to the new world of college. Hell, I am already sad. Miss college kid is taking a GIANT leap from the nest. She is not the kid I expected to go so far from home, but I believe that she will do well. She has made a wonderful choice in her school and I believe she will be afforded every opportunity to make her way in this crazy world we live in. She has dreams, which is a lot more than I had at her age. I just wanted to have kids... and here we are!

My neighbor came today to thank my 10 year old for recognizing her struggle with sadness over her son going off to Kindergarten. He and my 5 year old are pals, but sadly did not get  the same teacher. Anyway, my tender hearted girl saw my friend at school and could tell she was sad and needed some affection. So, she gave her a hug -- there may be more to the story, but that is enough for me. This afternoon the doorbell rang --  my neighbor had come to personally thank my daughter for her kindness and she brought CINNAMON ROLLS -- the HOMEMADE ones! It does a Mommy's heart good to hear a sweet story about one of your own. After all, you work to give your kids guidance and when you see the evidence that it is getting through, it feels warm and fuzzy inside.

My friend asked me today if I had cried yet -- between Kindergarten and college all in one week. I had not -- until she came and told me about her struggle AND my sweetie pie. I have to admit that I had steeled myself against the emotional wave, because I expect I am to be crushed by it on Saturday when the college departure arrives. So, a tear or two squeaked out today but I know that I will be drowning in them in just a few short days.


  1. WOW!! You sure have the whole spectrum of childhood under your roof!! What a range of emotions and behaviors. Probably like living with me. LOL.

    My daughter starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. Also all day everyday. She did go to K4 which is half days 4 days a week. But before that, no preschool or daycare...just boring ole momma.

    Ugh. I know I will break down. Her birthday is 2 weeks after school starts and last year, for her 5th, I made her this video. Makes me cry everytime. I am sure this year will be even worse :)

  2. Yeah, it is pretty crazy here... The kids are each in such different places, it is hard for them to find a common place with each other sometimes, but I make them spend time with each other and don't allow them to be exclusionary in public domains in the house... It is TOTALLY hard to let them go, because it is a big eye opener when you realize they are becoming more independent of you every day.

    Best thing you can do is keep a stiff upper lip for her and tell her you will miss her terribly, but it will be like a party after she gets home from school. Then you go home and BAWL your eyes out. Once you can see some through the tears, maybe make her favorite cookies and celebrate when she gets home that you BOTH made it through!

    Tried to watch your video, but it wasn't loading tonight -- who knows why... I will try again tomorrow.

    THANKS! =]