Thursday, August 26, 2010

Join me in an effort to "Save the Post Office"

I don't know about you, but lately I have seen a HUGE increase in the unsolicited credit card offers that come in the mail. I always love the ones that say I have qualified for up to $30,000 in credit and they come in my name only. Not Hubster's, mine. SO, I am a S.A.H.M. with no income and no means of repaying said credit if I was to accept and spend like a madwoman. If these companies are truly checking into you before they send these offers, I would think that they would also see that everything I and my Hubster do are attached to each other 100%. So, they really should be soliciting him. Hubster RARELY, if ever, gets these offers. In 1998 we bought our first house and I made all our stuff "private" based on the terms one could back then. I managed to eliminate hundreds of unwanted catalogs for quite a few years. The credit offers were few and far between and usually from the companies I was already using. Then one day I ordered from a catalog on-line... and then my anonymity was shattered and my mail box was inundated. All the many catalogs that had been continuing to go to our old address were suddenly making their way to me. What made me most mad about this was that I had selected the opt out of advertising from the catalog and its partners, SO they really did not even pay attention to the customer. I started getting some amazing offers for credit again and I even got a few to refinance my home up to $500,000 -- in my name only! That would have been a good trick.

When we moved here, I went to significant trouble to once again curb the junk mail. I always opt out of mail and instead sign up for e-mail alerts from places I shop. Then I ordered a magazine subscription. Yet again I was sold out even after choosing quite specifically to OPT OUT of the name sharing game. This time the catalogs are not quite piling up BUT the credit card offers are. I got 3 from Chase Bank in one day, the next day I got 2 from Chase Bank and one from CitiBank, the following day I got 1 from Chase and 2 from CitiBank. This was not the first week that I had received this type of multiple solicitation. HOWEVER, after I got fed up I decided to get on my high horse and ONCE AGAIN, help out the good old USPS. Some years back I got on a campaign to slow the flow and started sending everything they sent -- including the envelope they sent it in -- back to whomever sent it, using their prepaid envelope to do so. I used big far sharpie marker (I LOVE SHARPIES!) and wrote VOID all over all  the application parts and blacked out the "offer numbers" and wrote in big block letters: REMOVE FROM MAILING LISTS. Back then this did the trick, if only for a while. So, last week I decided to start doing it again.

I implore you to keep our USPS afloat for just a tad longer by doing the same. I have heard that some folks prefer to shred the offers that come and put folded up junk mail with no identifiers on them in the envelopes, just to cost them $$. This is also a great idea, BUT will not slow the flow of these offers.

I was under the impression that if I opted out, I was opted out. SO many times, I have seen this option FAIL! So, I guess that is in need of some ideas from the folks who run the DO-NOT-CALL list, which is not perfect, BUT has done a HUGE benefit to us regarding junk phone calls.

Speaking of junk phone calls... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE always tell someone soliciting that you NEVER make phone transaction that you have not initiated and ask them to refrain from calling again. This often works -- b/c charities to do not have to abide the list, but I believe they do have to abide your verbal request. Write it down and if they call again I think you have recourse after 3 failures. Admittedly I do not have the full skinny on this BUT every bit helps. Identity theft and just plain dishonest salespeople can really do a number on ya. So... watch your backs!

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