Sunday, August 15, 2010


WOW! FYI: Apparently I am a DORK for having a blog. My 18 year old daughter thinks it is dumb that I have one. She actually said to me "What do you have to blog about?" and "I don't even have one."

HOLY CRAP! I am so glad that my daughter thinks I am so uninteresting! I lose sleep over that you know?

I may not be all that interesting, but I will give credit to my Hubster for suggesting that I give it a whirl. I have always been the type who needed to vent and I have written for years. Most of it goes in the shredder when I am done. Since we have been here and I have a very different dynamic going than that of the support net of friends back home, I feel like this is actually doing me some good. I nearly always feel somewhat calmer after I write -- this just saves a lot in the wasted paper dept. It takes the edge off, which is the whole point. I even wait to post after I write to make certain I am not posting without considering what I am saying.

So, if I am a dork, then so be it.


  1. I have to admit Trisch, our kids really don't believe we have anything to worthy to talk about since our lives are so "boring." There will come a day when they appreciate our wisdom and insight.

  2. Funny how we say that... JUST like our own MOMS did! LOL!!