Thursday, August 26, 2010

Barking Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have the WORST luck living near people with barking dogs. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate dogs, though I am not a big fan either. (That is another story which I will include later by way of explanation, because surely I don't want any *BLATE Mail*!)

In our old house, we moved in and I was pregnant with our, now 12 year old, son. Our next door neighbor -- closest to our bedroom window -- had 2 dogs. These dogs NEVER were allowed inside. Apparently her kids brought them home and then decided to move out and leave them with her. I guess the word NO was not in her vocabulary -- with her kids. SO, each dog was chained up on a rope no more than 15' long. The older dog, presumably a mutt -- was 17 when we moved in, got left on the concrete patio with nothing soft to sit on. She barely had enough rope to get her butt to hang over the edge to potty. The other one was a husky and maybe 2 years old. She was tied up at the mid way point of the yard next to a HUGE hedge of Forsythia. She at least dug a hole to sit in and could potty on the yard. If it rained and our neighbor was home, she would take them to the garage and tie them inside and leave the door open about 18" so they could potty in the driveway.

SO, if these hideous circumstances weren't enough, these poor dogs wanted to be together. They would stand at the ends of their ropes and whine and bark and what-not to each other... ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY ------------------------------ AND ---------------------------------- ALL THE LIVE LONG NIGHT! When we asked our neighbor if she could do something about this problem, she said she never heard a thing! We complained, neighbors complained and had been for YEARS -- remember one is 17. At the time the county ordinance did not prohibit her from chaining her dogs. (This practice has since been banned where we used to live, if I recall correctly.) They were menaces and the younger one escaped regularly, but they were both nasty to people. No one would go near them.

This went on for 4 years, until her daughter and her family moved home after a job loss and needed mommy to rescue them. So our neighbor, prepared for the family by getting the old dog to the vet at 21 and had her put down -- poor crippled thing was MISERABLE for soooo long. The younger was sent to a friend who had -- ACREAGE -- YAY! What you say? Acreage? You mean a dog is meant to RUN and PLAY and get exercise???

Let's not get excited now, because guess what the daughter and family brought with them??? Another DOG! By this time we had removed our rotten fence and had no plans to re-fence our yard. The neighbor had not had a fence since her kids were little kids, so now we have a dog who is not on a chain, allowed to run loose, craps in all the neighbors yards, barks incessantly and is all around NASTY to everyone but her family; BUT mercifully they insisted on taking the dog in at night . This PISSED off the neighbor whose carpets and furniture were promptly destroyed by the stupid dog... OK, Correction by the untrained dog who had STUPID owners. Though her anger really was a lot like the pot, the kettle and the black... YA KNOW??? After about 2 years of bitching to these people -- especially about the poop in my yard --  they finally put a snow fence up to contain their dog. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Said dog jumped it regularly and gave good chase to her owners -- when they bothered to notice that she was loose. They moved out right before we ended up making the decision to move to the mid-west. So, while we enjoyed the beauty of open windows in nice weather, it was short lived.

That was the first EIGHT years of dog HELL!!

Now we have surpassed the 3 year mark in our new house and we have had a similar dog problem... We have these neighbors that have a fence and had a large number of dogs. Turns out their dogs were all morons. None listened to the neighbors OR the mother-in-law who lived there too. So, they had 2 dogs; 1 big and 1 small. The M-I-L had something like 4 little dogs, maybe more... All these various dogs were in and out all hours of the day and night, they whined and cried and barked and yelped and made a general nuisance of themselves. Some escaped regularly and made a lot of people MAD. Somewhere around 12 - 18 months later the M-I-L moved out and took the majority of the pack with her. That left the other 2. Eventually the neighbors got so annoyed with their lack of control over their dogs that they got rid of one them. It's a shame they did not last more than a day or so before they decided to get yet another dog and would you believe it??? It was a puppy! So puppy was taught no manners and no self control and subsequently offended most of the neighborhood. So, after repeated complaints by the neighbors and one attempted biting incident... they have gotten rid of both dogs. Word is that they have no plans to get another dog. Somehow I think this will not last, but that remains to be seen. (Disclaimer: There have been so many dogs over there that I cannot really say exactly how many there ever were nor how many they have traded in for newer though equally annoying replacements. It was like ants there were so many at one point, so while I believe I generally have the story straight, I cannot claim to be 100% accurate, I just think I am.;-)

Another family has 2 dogs that dig out from under the fence and escape all the time. Their dogs are at least friendly, but still, they are loose and crapping and pissing all over the neighborhood. These people are fully aware and even admit to the problems but do nothing. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?????? I do not understand how people think it is OK to allow their pets to intentionally antagonize the neighborhood and worse after repeated complaints, do not see that they need to address the problem. One of these days someone is gonna get pissed off and then it will be ugly.... NO, NOT by ME! I would not hurt an animal -- unless I had to protect my child or self from physical harm/danger. I just have heard people complaining vehemently and it would not surprise me if any one of them lost their temper...

We have a State trooper who also has 2 K-9 dogs in his charge. One is old and crippled and retired from service and the other is young and ready to eat your favorite criminal for breakfast, lunch, snack AND dinner. These dogs were trained by the State police and are acclimated to the family of the policeman under whose care they are in. They do not bark or make trouble, UNLESS the loose dogs of the previous paragraph are causing trouble. The K-9's are within their fenced yard and as far as I know have never been loose. Their commander is concerned about the neighboring dogs safety though. He has talked to their owners and has let them know that his dogs are trained to be territorial and to protect their home, so if other dogs make the mistake of coming over or under the fence, there is a good chance of disaster for them. The possibility of this has not even made a dent in concern for keeping their dogs in control. The K-9's live and work without trouble to the neighborhood, but his warning hangs heavy in my mind. I know people would be upset if their pets were hurt, BUT they do nothing and the K-9;s would likely be blamed for anything that happens. You know it, I know it and we all know it would be TOTALLY unfair to the K-9's who do a tough job to protect us all.

Another family adopted a dog, and they are constantly concerned that their dog is bothering anyone. I nearly never hear him barking, especially now that he has gotten past his most babyish puppy stage. They installed an underground fence and took the time to train him to abide it. YAY! I wish all neighbors were so good.

How have I been so fortunate in this life??? (dripping sarcasm here...) Now another neighbor has family staying with them and would you believe our fuckin bad luck????? Yes they brought their 2 dogs. They are barky and annoying and sound quite scary and obnoxious. Yesterday I was sitting on my deck reading and enjoying the beautiful weather. Someone decided to leave the dogs on the deck for a couple hours. So, they stood at the deck edge and barked at me viciously and loudly for about an hour and a half.

I am so pissed! WHY???????????????? Can these people not hear their dogs making a racket? Are they totally immune to their animals? This is unbelievable!!!!! I mean really, is there some covenant that disallows us without dogs the ability to enjoy the land we live on in peace and quiet, which by the way, we pay an ASSLOAD of taxes to own?

OK, so to curb any onset of *BLATE-mail*... When I was in Elementary school, I was taking French after school. I started in 4th grade. So, it was either 4th or 5th grade that I was walking home from said class when a pack of dogs -- pack being about 7 -- surrounded me and were barking and snarling and jumping up and down. None actually bit me, but every time I made to move they bared their teeth. This was in a nice suburban neighborhood. The fact that a pack of dogs was running loose is probably why we now have leash laws! Needless to say, I was late getting home and this being pre-parental-divorce, my Dad was pissed (surely you can infer that this was normal for him...) and came looking for me on the usual walk home route. I could not move. I was rendered totally and completely helpless and stood there crying with my hands over my head to keep my fingers attached. So, along comes my Dad, mind you I heard him yelling my name LOOOOOOONG before I actually saw him, but when I yelled back the dogs went nuts so I shut up. When he finally came around the bend I was quickly rescued and no longer in trouble for being very late and making him worry/angry. The worst part of this is that several people in cars drove past me and NOT ONE PERSON STOPPED. It was evident that I was in trouble and as I was 10 or 11 at best, how could these ADULTS have been so unconcerned? I was scarred for life by this event and have had to steel myself many times in order that I could deal with any dogs belonging to my friends.

*BLATE-Mail* = Blog hate mail... a word I picked up (read - stole!) from another blog and liked....


  1. We have had a few dogs and the best way to stop them from barking is by giving them plenty of exercise! We had to get a wireless dog fence from Havahart Wireless so they could run and play safely all day and barking! :-)

  2. AWESOME! Exercise and proper care! What a concept... I wish more people would consider the needs of the animals they bring home!